Good Morning in Shanghai

Ronnie booked his place in the last 32 in the Shanghai Masters 2017 this morning (China time, middle of the night here), beating Gary Wilson by 5-2. He played quite well, his long potting in particular was very good. He also did set up a serious target for the tournament’s highest break with a great 144. The reaction of the crowd when Ronnie, who until there had taken only blacks with reds, decided to go for the pink, was amazing and amusing. Taking the pink was totally the right shot BTW, and the sign that Ronnie wanted to win ahead of entertaining. He will play Joe Perry this evening (early afternoon in Europe)

Thanks to Tai Chengzhe for the action pictures. 

Here the full match:


4 thoughts on “Good Morning in Shanghai

  1. Back to Shanghai:
    I think it’s rather impossible to get 1million for the Home Nations Victory and I’m pleased with the Shanghai run so far.
    2 good matches 2 good display.
    Tomorrow yet another – hopefully – 2 matches Hawkins is dangerous (and if) Selby or Williams are too.

    Go Ronnie!

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