UK Championship 2017 – Ronnie beat Michael Georgiou in last 64

There was a huge crowd today for the afternoon session as Ronnie took center stage.

And, just like last year, Ronnie did beat Michael Georgiou by 6-1, only it was last 32 at that time. Ronnie won’t be too pleased with his performance I think, but he did the job and it’s all that matters. Ronnie looked tired ou there, but he will have a day off before meeting Matt Selt or Michael White in the last 32.


Here is the match :

Ronnie’s interview with Hazel Irvine and Ken Doherty post-match:

And here the report on the BBC website:

UK Championship 2017: Ronnie O’Sullivan beats Michael Georgiou to reach third round

Whatever happens from here, he’s got the right attitude.




2 thoughts on “UK Championship 2017 – Ronnie beat Michael Georgiou in last 64

  1. Hello Monique,
    thanks again for all the reports and infos.
    Here – as a further addition – some links of Eurosport coverage I found on youtube.

    Match preview

    Match analysis in mid session interval

    Match review

    Ronnie’s postmatch interview
    part of Shaun Murphy v Liam Highfield R2 UK Championship 2017 Review starting at about 3:45

    Cheers and enjoy.

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