Scottish Open 2017 – Ronnie books his place in the last 16

Ronnie looked extremely tired this afternoon, he even fell asleep briefly in his chair,  but somehow still managed to beat Li Hang, who was playing well, by 4-3. Ronnie made century n° 920 in the process.


He will now face Michael White tonight in the last 16 … let’s hope that he can get some rest and come back refreshed. If he manages to win, he is likely to play John Higgins tomorrow. If he doesn’t win, well, it might actually be for the best as he will have a bit more time to rest before the German Masters qualifiers next week. Whatever happens, he’s been doing extremely well over the last two months.

The preview:

The match:

The match review, with Ronnie talking snooze:


One thought on “Scottish Open 2017 – Ronnie books his place in the last 16

  1. Ronnie’s through to the quarterfinals, which is a fantastic result all things considered. He’ll probably face John Higgins, who beat him in the quarterfinals of this event last year.

    I would make John the favorite to beat Ronnie if they were to meet, and I wouldn’t feel too bad if Ronnie were to lose. His tournament has already been a success, and I would feel bad for John for losing to Ronnie yet again this season. Plus, I’m sure this event means more to John than to Ronnie, as I think it’s been a long time since John won an event in his native land…

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