Ronnie withdraws from German Masters 2018

This was published by Worldsnooker this afternoon

Ronnie O’Sullivan has withdrawn from this week’s D88 German Masters qualifiers for medical reasons.

He was due to face Rory McLeod at the Barnsley Metrodome on Wednesday evening so McLeod has been given a bye to the second round.

The qualifiers run from Tuesday to Friday this week, with each player needing to win two matches to book a place in the final stages in Berlin (January 31 to February 4).

Fans can watch live in Barnsley for free – for the match schedule click here. Or watch live streaming at

I can’t say I’m surprised. It was obvious that Ronnie was very tired last week and badly needed a break.

4 thoughts on “Ronnie withdraws from German Masters 2018

  1. Yan Bingtao has lost his qualifying match for the German Masters, which was his final chance to break Ronnie’s record for “youngest player to win a ranking event”.

    Ronnie’s record lives on…

  2. I was surprised that he entered. But looking at the latest results (and I am aware that it is a very small sample at the moment) it appears that it will be a field that gives chances to lower ranked players: McGuire, Michael White are out, so those who did relatively well in the last weeks or at least went a few rounds in the tournaments. This qualifying round after a busy schedule might carry the danger of creating a very depleted field for Berlin.

  3. I was surprised when I saw the draw Ronnie was in it.Now he has 4 weeks rest before the Masters starts.
    I think that is a good thing,then he can start the second part of the season after a real break.

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