Sit down … here’s a little story


Wondering about this? Here is the little story behind it, thanks to Nigel Coton for sharing it!

Nigel Coton used to watch Snooker on TV with his ole man Tom Coton who loved his snooker and introduced him to it. He used to love listening to JV and said JV is NOT a potato head, he is NOT a cheap potato in fact he is like a King Edward, the King of the Crop and so much more than a just a “common-tater !”

I must admit that i didn’t get it at first… Belgium, my country, is rather famous for its potatoes: we have countless varieties for all tastes and dishes: Bintjes, Rosa, Nicola, Aurora, Francine, Doré, Cornes de Gate, Charlotte, Bildstar … We have yellow ones, brown ones, red ones… even blue ones. But I had never heard about King Edward. Now I have to try and taste those!