World Grand Prix 2018 – Ronnie is your Champion!


Ronnie won his 32nd ranking title tonight, beating Ding Junhui by 10-3 in Preston. It was his 4th ranking title this season, and it’s the first time in his career that he wins more than three ranking events over the course of a season.

Congratulations Ronnie!

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Here is the report on Worldsnooker

Ronnie O’Sullivan beat Ding Junhui 10-3 in the final of the Ladbrokes World Grand Prix, and has now won four ranking titles in a single season for the first time in his career.

O’Sullivan made three centuries and three more breaks over 50 in a dominant display at the Guild Hall in Preston to take this title for the first time and capture the £100,000 top prize.

It’s the 32nd ranking title of his career, leaving him just four behind Stephen Hendry’s record of 36. O’Sullivan has now won over £600,000 in prize money during the 2017/18 campaign and could become the first player to go past the £1 million barrier in a single season – indeed the £425,000 winner’s cheque at the World Championship alone would take him past that mark.

He had only once previously won three ranking titles in a season – back in 2004/05 – but having landed the English Open in October, Shanghai Masters in November and UK Championship in December, he has now surpassed that – and with five ranking events still to go this term. One more crown would see him equal the record of five in a season, held by Hendry, Ding and Mark Selby.

At the age of 42, O’Sullivan has produced the most consistently excellent snooker of his career over the past five months, with his long potting, break building and tactical game all in superb shape. He remains second behind Selby in the world rankings but the gap is closing.

China’s Ding missed out on the 14th ranking title of his career and second of the season, having won the Yushan World Open in September. The world number four banks £40,000 as runner-up.

The first four frames today were shared, then Chigwell’s O’Sullivan pulled away as breaks of 124 and 105 put him 4-2 ahead. Ding won frame seven on the colours to stay in touch, but his opponent made 59 and 120 (his tenth century of the tournament) to lead 6-3 at the end of the first session.

O’Sullivan took the first two frames of the evening session to extend his advantage to 8-3. Ding had a scoring chance in frame 12 but made only 16, then banged his head on the side of the table in frustration as the contest slipped away. O’Sullivan punished him to make it 9-3, and a quickfire break of 83 in the next completed the scoreline.

“It wasn’t the best performance, I dragged Ding down to my level,” said O’Sullivan, who won his first ranking title back in 1993 at the same venue, when the UK Championship was staged in Preston. “He lost his concentration and I took bits and pieces. I’m always going to score, even when I’m not at my best my cue ball control is still good.

Asked whether he felt when he won that 1993 title he would still be collecting silverware a quarter of a century later, O’Sullivan replied: “Yes, I always believed I could dominate the table, if the form is there titles will just come. It’s great to have 25 years since my first title and hopefully this isn’t my last.

O’Sullivan now heads straight to Cardiff for the Welsh Open which starts on Monday (click here for the match schedule). He added: “It sounds weird but it might be good to lose early there, spend a week in the punditry box, do some analysis and watch the others slug it out. I’ve got my title in the bank.

And looking ahead to the Crucible in the Spring, where O’Sullivan has triumphed five times, he said: “I don’t think I’m capable of winning another world title. You need a lot of staying power there and I am too old. I can play well over a few days, but the World Championship is all about stamina and consistency which is not suited to my game at the moment. But we’ll wait and see.

Ding said: “I had chances in the first session but didn’t take them. It looks like I played rubbish. It is a always dream to play Ronnie in a final and I wanted to play well against him – it doesn’t always happen, but I tried. For the last few months I didn’t play well, but I felt good this week.

Here is part of the Worldsnooker interview:

Those are the stats:


To be honest, I agree with Ronnie, he wasn’t at his best, at least not consistently. In the first session of the final, he made a lot of mistakes and got visibly frustrated, but the good thing is that he didn’t let this affect him over time. After bad shots, he regrouped and focused on the next opportunity, something Ding didn’t manage, and that, more than anything else, made the difference. Also, Stephen Hendry in the ITV commentary mentioned, several times, that the table wasn’t playing great, that the players were getting a lot of big bounces from the cushion. Both Ronnie and Ding are known for their accurate positional play, and they heavily rely on it,  so this would affect them badly. Hendry said that when you can’t trust the table it’s hard to have any confidence in the shots you play.

Regarding the Crucible comments, I believe they are motivated by two factors. Yes, the Crucible is a test of endurance and consistency. We saw it last year: Ronnie had one bad session, the second of his QF against Ding, and he wasn’t able to recover from the deficit he accumulated in that one against a top player like Ding. I don’t think that Ronnie feels that he currently has the level of consistency required to win the World this year. But there is, in my opinion, another factor: he doesn’t want the “favourite” tag, nor the expectations that come with it. He has to cope with more than his share of expectations as it is. And he’s right in that approach. I stay convinced that the way Trump had put pressure on himself by boasting about “this being his year” played a big part in his first-round defeat, he put himself under unnecessary high pressure.

Here is the match preview

The match – afternoon session

The match – evening session


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Before the match Ronnie had shared this picture on social media, stating it was “Rocket fuel for peak performance”. Well, it worked! And it looks yummy!



11 thoughts on “World Grand Prix 2018 – Ronnie is your Champion!

  1. Well done Ronnie – simply the best snooker player ever.
    Never mind Selby and his run of good fortune 2016/17 as he won matches when his opponent was far better than him and he should have been on the way home. Ronnie is the most talented snooker player ever and reads the table four or five shots ahead – that what one calls a genius.
    World Championship is up for grabs and Ding, Ronnie and Judd should be close to the finishing line in May.

    • Bernadette, there was no luck involved in Selby’s runs, it was sheer will to win, and skills. Selby’s style of game is very different from Ronnie’s, but denying how skilful it is only shows one thing, that you don’t understand what he does at the table. I prefer to watch more flamboyant players, like Ronnie or Ding, but the way Selby still finds way to wins when he is not playing well is remarkable and, BTW, Ronnie is getting better at that too as he proved this season. And, having spoken to Mark Selby many times over the years, let me tell you that he is a very decent, nice person. Also in recent years, Ronnie and Mark have come to know each other better and they go along quite well. They are not close friends, none of them wants that because they are fierce rivals on the table, but they have he respect for each other, and certainly no hate. As for Judd Trump, unless there is a massive turn of form, there is no way he will win the World this year.

  2. Looks like Ronnie’s first round opponent at the Welsh Open has withdrawn, meaning that Ronnie is through to the 2nd round where he’ll face Graeme Dott…

  3. For me Ronnie‘s win of the World Grand Prix comes totally unexpected. That‘s why I‘m even happier for this victory. Ronnie‘s having an extraordinary season: already six finals and 4 wins, more than he won ever. Regarding the WC I‘m sure that Ronnie does want it, but he knows that he has to be consistent for 17 days and he has some doubt about his concentration and patience for such a long time. On the other side he has the mental and tecnical skills required for this kind of marathon. Anyway let‘s wait until the beginning of the WC. There are still a couple of tournaments before and I believe he‘ll make a good figure in Cardiff. The Welsh Open is one of his favourite tournaments and Ronnie is really in a good shape. Good luck!

  4. Well done Ronnie!
    So happy (again)!!!

    Exciting how he handled the situation against Maguire in the semis and how he forced the decider against Yan.
    5 matches, 10 centuries. Simply the best! Well done Ronnie!


    The dominator:
    English Open final: from 3-2 to 9-2 (6 in a row)
    Shanghai final: started with 7-0 up (7 in a row)
    UK final: from 5-5 to 10-5 (5 in a row)
    Grand Prix final: from 4-3 to 10-3 (6 in a row)

  5. Congrats to Ronnie on yet another great victory. It’s a joy to watch him play so well and have so much success. He has won his 4 finals this season by a combined 39 frames to 13.

    Part of me thinks it’s no mere coincidence that Ronnie is having (arguably) his best season ever in the year following Mark Selby’s incredible 5-win season. Ronnie has to think of himself as being at least as good (and probably, better) than Selby, but Selby’s 2016-2017 season was much better than any season Ronnie had ever put together. It’s not hard to imagine that Ronnie’s decision to re-dedicate himself to snooker was motivated in part by a desire to show himself (if not everyone else) that Ronnie is (still) good enough to do what Mark did.

    Ronnie has played so well this year that his season would end up being a bit disappointing if he doesn’t go on to win the WC…

  6. I can’t rxplain how happy I am. And how excited I am to see what WSC2018 holds for ROS

    6th World Title anyone?

    • I agree. What a week. Well done Ronnie.

      It was so nice to see Ronnie looking pleased with his win.

      I hope his form continues over the next few weeks and I really hope he can win the World Champs this year to finish his season off with a bang! He deserves the success.

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