World Championship 2018 – Day 13 – Semi Finals kick-off

Both semi finals first sessions were played yesterday and both ended on a 5-3 scoreline, but they were otherwise very different.

John Higgins leads Kyren Wilson by 5-3. Kyren would had never played at the Crucible on the one table setup looked out of sorts for most of the first mini-session and found himself 4-1 down. In the second mini-session he came to life and it should have been 4-4 really, but an unexpected miss from Kyren cost him dear. Ronnie was commentating on the second mini-session and pointed out that Higgins wasn’t actually playing that well: his positional game  was not great and he wasn’t timing his shots as well as he usually does. This may have been caused by fatigue from the QF match vs Judd Trump, but I’m not sure because it seems to me that it’s been like that for the whole tournament. So this session was full of mistakes, twist ans turns.

Barry Hawkins leads Mark Williams by 5-3 and both players played really well. Barry Hawkins was awesome, and Mark Williams not far behind. Really high quality session. Barry started with a century, Mark finished with a century.

Ronnie introduced both session from the Crucible floor and these quotes, reported by the press, pleased me. Sometimes you have to miss something to realise how much it’s important to you.

ronnie-o-sullivan-Eurosport 2018EUROSPORT

Ronnie O’Sullivan says it doesn’t feel right not playing at the World Snooker Championships
The final four get underway today with Kyren Wilson taking on John Higgins at 1pm and Mark Williams battling Barry Hawkins in the evening session.

Despite going into the tournament among the heavy favourites, O’Sullivan is only a spectator after Ali Carter knocked him out in the second round.

And he admits not being involved in the semi-finals will take some getting used to.

Previewing the matches for Eurosport, O’Sullivan said: “Obviosuly with the two-table set-up there isn’t as much room around the table.

“They’ll come out today and there will be so much space and that might take the first four frames to adjust.

“But this is the ultimate really. This is the best thing any player can dream of, playing here.

“It’s great to be working for Eurosport and I love doing this, but if felt kind of weird coming out here and seeing the one table because I’d rather be here playing.

“Second prize is sitting here watching some of the best snooker players in the world. I’ve got the best seats in the house!”

3 thoughts on “World Championship 2018 – Day 13 – Semi Finals kick-off

  1. It is indeed good to read Ronnie’s comments. Maybe he needs to start missing to be there(especially after all this talk this year of completely skipping it). We have now a debate with my partner: he thinks that Higgins winning would motivate Ronnie, and thus would be good, while I prefer Higgins not to win as many WSCs as Ronnie… 🙂

    • I’m not convinced that if Higgins wins it will motivate Ronnie, on the contrary. Ronnie seems so convinced that Higgins is better than him – despite their respective records telling otherwise – that I think he would just accept the fact and a Higgins win would only reinforce that kind of mental barrier he seems to have when playing him. Just my opinion though, obviously I’m not in his head…

      • Thanks, good point and helped me in the debate. 🙂

        Otherwise right now is a little sickening that Ronnie lost in the second round after the season he had and Higgins is again in the final and will most likely win it. 😦

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