Mark Williams is your World Snooker 2018 Champion!

Congratulations “Willo” !!!


Willo2018WCMark Williams won an incredible final last night to lift the World Title Trophy for the third time and 15 years after his second. He beat John Higgins by 18-16. Last year, at the end of the season he wanted to put an end to his career. Joanne, his wife, who convinced him to carry on couldn’t stop crying … this title is hers too in many ways!

The final was high quality and incredibly tense. John was never in front, but kept coming back. He was 4-0 dow, came back to 7-7. Mark pulled away to 14-7, back came John at 15-15 … Mark stuck to his guns all match, he never stopped to attack even when his form dipped for a few frames. He made some incredible daring shots during this final. John never gave up, kept battling, stole a number of frames from well behind … as he does.

I’m very happy that Mark won, he’s always been my second favourite player, that cheeky rascal! As for John Higgins, people who follow me on twitter will know that I certainly wasn’t routing for him; he is an incredible player, no question, he’s probably a nice person and a great family man too, but after what happened in 2010, I have lost respect for him and I can’t help that. I was in the media room at the time, I can’t possibly forget what I saw and heard there.

Here is the report on Worldsnooker

Mark Williams won the Betfred World Championship for the third time by beating John Higgins 18-16 in one of the all-time great Crucible finals.

Williams won seven consecutive frames from 7-7 to lead 14-7, and despite a rally from Higgins to 15-15 he closed out victory in the 34th frame, in the closest final since 2005.

And his promise to bare all for his winning press conference turned out to be the naked truth as he spoke to the world’s media dressed in nothing but a towel.

Having lifted the trophy in 2000 and 2003, Welshman Williams sets a new record of 15 years for the longest gap in between titles. The 43-year-old is the oldest winner since Ray Reardon took the crown in 1978 at the age of 45.

He joins Mark Selby as a three-time Crucible champion, behind only Stephen Hendry with seven, Steve Davis with six, Ronnie O’Sullivan with five and Higgins with four.

Williams didn’t even make it to the Crucible last year having dropped out of the top 16 and lost in the qualifying rounds. He insists he contemplated retirement last summer, having not won a ranking title for six years. Throwing the dice, he tried the SightRight coaching method, which completely changed his alignment and ball-sighting. The results have been astonishing.

Williams has won three ranking titles this season, bringing his career tally to 21, and capped it off with snooker’s most prestigious prize. The Cwm cueman banks the biggest cheque in snooker history, £425,000, to bring his total for the season to £885,400. He jumps from seventh to third in the world rankings.

Williams, Higgins and O’Sullivan, the trio of all-time greats who all turned professional in 1992, have won ten of the 20 ranking events between them this season.

Having finished runner-up to Selby last year, Higgins becomes the first player to lose back-to-back finals since Jimmy White lost five in a row from 1990-94.

Like Williams, the 42-year-old has had a fine season, winning two ranking titles to bring his career tally to 30, but finishes it on a low note, missing the chance to join O’Sullivan on five world crowns. His £180,000 prize money is quite a consolation and the Scot moves up one spot to fourth in the rankings.

Mark Williams – road to the title
Round one: Beat Jimmy Robertson 10-5
Last 16: Beat Robert Milkins 13-7
Quarter-finals: Beat Ali Carter 13-8
Semi-finals: Beat Barry Hawkins 17-15
Final: Beat John Higgins 18-16

Williams held leads of 5-3, 10-7 and 15-10 after the first three sessions. Higgins needed a fast start in tonight’s concluding chapter and he got it with a break of 131. Williams looked set to take the next until he missed a red to a centre pocket on 58, and his opponent punished him with a 67 clearance to close to 15-12.

Another trademark clearance from Higgins, 82 from 47-0 down, got him within two frames. And he dominated the next with runs of 47 and 39 to make it 15-14 at the interval. Frame 30 followed a familiar pattern as Williams got in first and made 47 before missing a red to a top corner, and Higgins ruthlessly punished him with a 62 clearance to square the match for the first time since 7-7.

Williams finally got a frame on the board in the 31st with runs of 41 and 33. And he carried that momentum into the next with a 100, the 84th century of the tournament, to go 17-15 up.

In a dramatic 33rd frame, Williams made 63 before missing match-ball pink to a corner pocket. Yet again Higgins showed nerves of steel to clear with 68 and keep his hopes alive.

But Williams wasn’t to be denied; he fired in a sensational red to a centre pocket and compiled a  run of 69 to secure a glorious victory. All three of his Crucible triumphs have come with an 18-16 final scoreline.

What a match to be involved in,” said Williams. “The break in the last frame was one of the best I’ve made under pressure in my life. What an occasion, to play John at the Crucible in the final is unbelievable. I’m so happy I won.

“The pressure wasn’t too bad but John was making some amazing clearances. He’s the best I’ve ever seen at clearing up. The man is different class.

“A year ago I was thinking about chucking it, and here I am having just won the World Championship. Where has it come from? If I never win another tournament, or my form goes downhill, I don’t care. I’ve just done something I never thought I would. I’ve been playing some unbelievable stuff this season and I felt I could have a good run here.

“I’m looking forward to coming back next year – I’m going to keep my mouth shut and not say anything stupid to end up with no clothes on. But if I win it next year I’ll do a cartwheel naked!

Williams was supported throughout the event by son Kian and wife Joanne and added: “The little rascal (Kian) has been off school all week and has been up here all the way through. Joanne couldn’t stop crying. I even got a little bit emotional at the end as well, it’s a big occasion. I thought these days had past.

Higgins said: “I was a embarrassed at 14-7, I didn’t want to lose with a session to spare. I came back well to make it 15-15. In the next two frames I played some bad shots. It was like I wasn’t standing up to the pressure. I made it 17-16 but then he made one of the best breaks I’ve ever seen under pressure.

“Mark wasn’t even here last year. So for him to go from not even qualifying to really doing a number on everyone is great. When you’re rivals you can’t really be friends, but it’s never stopped me having an unbelievable amount of respect for Mark as a player. When we’re getting to the twilight of our careers, it was a dream to play him in the final. That’s what we live for.

“I’ve lost two finals in a row now and it heart-breaking. It’s like a drug this game – and that atmosphere tonight, the one table set up, if I never get here again at least I can say I’ve sampled it a few times.

“People are saying it could be your last chance but I could come back and make a fist of it next year, you just never know what’s going to happen. I’ll definitely be back to give it another go.

Here are the end-of-season rankings

  1. Mark Selby
  2. Ronnie O’Sullivan
  3. Mark Williams
  4. John Higgins

The “Class of 92” won 10 of the 20 ranking events (not counting the shootout) this season, Ronnie won 5, including the UK Championship, Mark Williams won 3 and is World Champion, John Higgins won 2. They were born in 1975. Mark Selby will be 35 next month. Where are the young players?

Mark Williams had promised to do his press conference naked … he was true to his word.


And some Ronnie in the studio during the final day

2018 WSC: Ronnie at the studio (Eurosport, 06.05.2018.)

2018 WSC: Ronnie at the studio (Eurosport, 06.05.2018.)


4 thoughts on “Mark Williams is your World Snooker 2018 Champion!

  1. Yes, I was pleasantly surprised Williams won. Higgins was poor for many parts of the match, often playing shots I could not comprehend. For that reason I don’t think it was a great final in terms of quality, but the drama was great, as many of us had doubts whether Willo could actually do it! He had looked exhausted after his semi-final.

    Following victory of a 43-year old over a 42-year old, many have questioned the future of snooker, but I am not concerned. In fact quite the opposite: this is a classic sporting situation when a generational shift is imminent, and the results this season have only heightened the impact of the exciting times that may lie ahead for us.

    (1) “Where are the young players?”. About 15 years ago, they were saying the same thing in tennis, when Sampras and Agassi were coming to their end: “the young players aren’t good enough”. Whoops…

    (2) “There will never be another like the Class of 92”. This is also tempting fate. If you look at the CBSA archives, you will find group photos of Chinese boys aged 13-15 featuring an array of future professionals, some potential World Champions. I can think of 5 young Chinese now aged 18-20 who together could surpass the 12 World Championships won by the CO92. We also have some young Welsh players who might become top class. This may not happen of course, but there is no certainty one way or the other.

    What I would say is that we probably won’t have another Ronnie O’Sullivan – he is unique. I’m speaking more about artistry and range of skills than results. Even if someone comes along who wins 10 World Championships, Ronnie will probably always be considered the greatest in the eyes of many, and the impossibility of a direct match will mean that debate can never be resolved.

  2. I can agree with you Mon what you wrote here!

    Well done to Mark Williams for this incredible title! Thank you Mon for every infos it was a good season! Looking forward the next event, next event with Ronnie!

  3. Just happy that “Willo” won the WC for the 3rd time.
    I was routing for him since he came through the quarter final and really enjoyed the final. Mark Williams is an amazing player with a very unique style of playing the game. And it reminded me how good a player he was – and now still or again is. He is one of the few players who got the triple crown in one season,
    So, lets hope that the “Class of 92” including Ronnie can still delight us in the coming seasons until eventually the changing of the guards will occur. But who will it be? I’m looking forward to exciting and fascinating snooker times.

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