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  1. And since I have just finished Double Kiss, maybe some thoughts in this season-break.


    I remember people complained that it was slow and it is true that the “action” itself only starts after more than 100 pages. But I felt there was a point to it: this series, and it is very obvious now that it is a series, wants us to engage in Frankie’s life, not just when he chases criminals, but the whole thing.

    And in that respect it is rather depressing. Here is this guy, likeable enough, smart, brave, ambitious, obviously with addiction problems, but here he cleaned up his life and language (as the f-words are gone), with a deeply felt responsibility for the people around him. He wanted to do the A-level and maybe go to uni, but Mom disappeared, Dad went to prison, so he had to take care of the rest of the family and the club, so no chance at that, but here he is trying to make the best of it, run the club successfully, organize the tournament that seems to be his lovechild, but also a way to get some independence from the Tom Reilly-like shady characters – instead he cannot and I guess he could not as long as he lives there and is in this business. Individual efforts vs. social constraints if I wanted to overanalyse it, but I do believe there is truth in it both (in my analysis and the picture it paints of the world).

    Having read it, it is even more obvious that this is meant to be read as a series where this novel was pretty much something “in the middle”: a lot of things happened and were revealed, but nothing was really solved: so to speak ended in a cliffhanger (or several cliffhangers). In that respect I think I preferred Framed, as it was a more compact book, more “finished”, although I remember that even there I felt there were some “loose ends”, now that seems to have been followed up on a bit to make is sure that it was not an oversight when Snaresby was mentioned as a suspicious policeman: now we know he is one, although obviously will need the next book to find out.

    Speaking about the novel itself, I do have some strange feelings about it, because in the end the big favour Reilly called in was not so important, or at least I did not see such a big part played by Frankie to get Tanya back (and he reflected on this too): it seems it was more important for the plot to get this trip to Ibiza so that he could search for his mum. And I don’t know about the others, but I was a lot more interested in the discoveries Frankie made about his mother, than the intricacies of Tanya and Duke and the Russians. Not sure about the title: yeah, he kissed too women (double, if you wish), but given the obvious snooker reference, double kiss would refer to an unlucky collision of balls and I’m not convinced about that here.

    But certainly looking forward to get some answers to the open questions in the next book(s).

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