The 2018/19 Prize Money

This has been published by Worldsnooker

The prize money breakdown for all 2018/19 season ranking events is now available:

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Biggest ranking event winner’s prizes in 2018/19:
Betfred World Championship: £500,000
China Open: £225,000
International Championship: £175,000
Betway UK Championship: £170,000
Ladbrokes Tour Championship: £150,000
Yushan World Open: £150,000
China Championship: £150,000
Ladbrokes Players Championship: £125,000
Ladbrokes World Grand Prix: £100,000 


As you can see the weight of the Chinese events is now very significant whilst the European events carry very little points. In fact all five together carry only 250 000 points (and pounds). The International Championship alone is £175000 and the China Open alone is £225000, and of course the World Championship is £500000. This is very bad for the future of snooker in mainland Europe. Indeed the European events are unlikely to attract the big names, therefore they will not attract big sponsors and the whole situation can only spiral down. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Paul Hunter Classic (only £20000 !) and the Gibraltar Open were disappearing next season and those are the only two events that still involve amateurs. Somehow, making the Paul Hunter Classic a ranking event is killing it. It was such a great “festival of snooker” when it was a pro-am. This is a real shame and a poor tribute to Paul Hunter.