Shanghai Masters 2018 – two qualifiers revealed

This was posted earlier today on twitter:

Twitter Screen Shot 2018-08-04 at 10.13.27 - Shanghai Qualifiers

Chang Bingyu recently reached the SF in the IBSF Under-21 Championship in Jinan, China. He will also face Jimmy Robertson next week in the World Open.

Here he is in action, in his QF, in Jinan

Bai Langning will face Ben Wollaston next week. He was also involved in the IBSF Under-21 in Jinan. Here he is in action in the group stages:

And Ronnie seems to be quite happy about his blitz trip to Shanghai. This is what he shared on his Instagram:

Of course, it’s a bit more than just a couple of weeks away … Ronnie’s notion of duration and time flow is a bit fuzzy sometimes. But he seems to be genuinely looking forward to the coming season.

One thought on “Shanghai Masters 2018 – two qualifiers revealed

  1. Although I expected him to do better in the Asian U18 and U21, Chang Bingyu has an excellent record in the Chinese tour events, and is the most likely player to be promoted as a professional next season. Along with the winners in Jinan, He Guoqiang and Wu Yize, they are the next wave of young Chinese prodigies.

    However, as this week’s Haining Open continues to show, the young Chinese do tend to freeze up when playing established western pros. It’s very difficult for these teenagers to make it on the professional tour, and relegation is a painful process. There are still a lot of question marks as to how the next generation of players (Chinese and westerners) are going to break through.

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