Ronnie will play in the European Masters 2018 Qualifiers

He will play Eden Sharav, on August 17 at 1 pm UK time. This should be a doable match for Ronnie. I’m a bit surprised and quite pleased as I have tickets for the first three days in Lommel.

His name does not appear in the China Championship 2018 qualifier, but then the full draw isn’t out a nd maybe his match was held over.  Wait and see …


The draw now shows the held-over matches as well and, indeed, Ronnie has not entered the China Championship. This surprises me a bit. The Chinsesd events carry so much points this season, except for the Shanghai Masters now invitational, that not playing in them might prevent Ronnie to qualify for the very lucrative Grand-Prix, Players Championship and Tour Championship. He’s the defending champion in the first two of those but that does not guarantee him a spot in them. 

Here are the draws and format as published by Worldsnooker


The Guild Hall in Preston stages the qualifying rounds of three ranking events from August 15 to 22.

Click here for the European Masters draw

Click here for the China Championship draw

Click here for the format

The draw for the Indian Open qualifying round was released earlier – for details click here

You can watch the qualifiers live on the Eurosport Player with coverage of two tables, for details click here

And you can also buy tickets to see many of the top stars live at the Guild Hall – for details click here

14 thoughts on “Ronnie will play in the European Masters 2018 Qualifiers

  1. Hi, I have tickets for the final of the European Masters, but I don’t really get this whole draw thing. How do I get a chance to see him play in a earlier round? Do you know on which day he will play in Belgium if he gets through the qualifiers against Sharav?

    • No I don’t know as the draw and format for the tournament proper are only known after the qualifiers. But, should he qualify he will certainly play on the first or second day. That’s all we can be certain of for now.

  2. I remember, last year there was the discussion, why he did not enter die European Masters!! This year he did – now all are also disappointed? And I think when he is playing well he was all chances to qualify for this three tournements in spring, we must wait and see.

    • No one is disappointed that he’s playing the European Masters, it’s just that the positives of him playing are outweighed by him not playing the China Open…

  3. Wow, this is very surprising and also disappointing. I was certain Ronnie would enter the China Championship and skip the European Masters, not the other way around. It’s hard to understanding his thinking on this one.

    The only thing I can think of is that perhaps he didn’t really like the China Championship or its venue…? In any event, it’s definitely strange that he’s skipping the big money events and playing in the small ones.

    • I think the reason is the schedule.

      Ronnie maybe doesnt like to spend 3 weeks in China and decided to skip the China Championship but wanted to play a pro match before the Shanghai (pro matches before the UK tournaments?) and that’s why he entered it.
      And as you can see after the China Championship final the European Masters is on.
      Might be less travalling time, more time for the rest.

      • Yes, I had been thinking that Ronnie would probably choose to remain in China after the Shanghai Masters in order to wait for the China Championship (rather than fly back and forth), but maybe he simply didn’t like either of those options.

        Now I’m wondering if he’ll also skip the International Championship, given that the Champion of Champions event begins the day after the International ends…

      • You’re probably right. Also, on average, Ronnie has often struggled in the Chinese events, he’s not a good sleeper and he was beyond jet-lagged in Beijing last April. Maybe that’s another faxtor. Yes the Chinese events carry a lot of money, but not if to go out early…

      • I understand Anyway it’s real shame that the draw and format is available only on the live scoring not on the official website

  4. It’s well surprised…
    well well well

    So if it’s right just few more days to see him again! 8)

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