Catching up with last week action

There was no actual main tour competition last week, although the Macao Masters was of course a sanctioned event. Nevertheless there was a lot of snooker being played!

Ken Doherty won the CRS World Seniors UK CHampionship in Hull

He beat Igor Figuereido by 3-1 in the final. You will find all the scores, images and footages on my  World Seniors Tour Blog … make sure you follow all the links

Barry Hawkins won the individual event at the Macau Masters, beating Mark Williams in the final. It seems that this event was very well organised and a lot of fun!

All the results and some footage, notably of the team event can be found on

On Yee Ng won the Australian Women’s Snooker Open 2018

On Yee Australian Open 2018 Champion

Again all detailed results can be found on


2 thoughts on “Catching up with last week action

  1. Congrats to Ken, Barry and On Yee.

    David Caulfield had written off the Macau Masters as ‘pretty boring’. Perhaps he doesn’t approve of exhibitions, but I’m sure the people of Macau (and Hong Kong) appreciated the chance to watch live snooker. It’s interesting to see the likes of Zhao Xintong partnering experienced players twice their age, and imagining what they might learn.

    I can’t quite work out the women’s snooker. We had the UK Championship in Leeds, where the three top breaks were 61, 53 and 43, and now the Australian Open where they are banging in centuries! It does seem to depend on the top three players, who appear far ahead of the others. I wonder is there are issues with the table conditions at some events, to cause such a disparity in scoring.

    • Most women events are played in clubs. Conditions vary massively from one event to the other. It’s hard to draw any conclusions from those results. Only certainty is that On Yee, Reanne and now Nutcharut are well above the pack.

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