Northern Ireland Open 2018 – Ronnie wins his last 128 match


Ronnie beat Soheil Vahedi in less than 45 minutes and added three centuries to his tally in the process. The Iranian player can play better than he did today but looked a bit overawed by the circumstance and or his opponent.

Before the match Ronnie had posted this on twitter:

ROS tweet ahread of the NI Open 2018 l 128

Now he didn’t play many safeties, he didn’t need to, but was definitely slow: about 14 sec AST.  Snail!

Seriously Ronnie played properly and looked in good form.

Here are some great pictures thanks to Tai Chengzhe


Day 2, afternoon session Preview including Ronnie v Soheil Vahedi preview

Frame by frame:

The match review was interesting too, and positive.

And a good honest interview with the sponsor too

Ronnie has been quite vocal on twitter about the structure of the tour, and how he feels it affects the players, especially the top players who make it regularly to the latter stages of tournaments and therefore play a lot of matches. He also believes that the top players shouldn’t be forced to play qualifiers and I agree with him. You don’t see it happen in other sports and the reason is simple: broadcasters and sponsors want the best players in their events. Yes, it’s a privilege, but it’s one they earned the hard way. Ronnie, Williams, Higgins … they all started playing in Norbeck Castle in Blackpool, before climbing the rankings by winning match after match after match. The top players are the ones who attract the fans, and the television audience, they are the ones who generate the money. Having them at the venues is benefitting everyone.


2 thoughts on “Northern Ireland Open 2018 – Ronnie wins his last 128 match

  1. Ronnie: 3 centuries in a row today
    Soheil Vahedi: 3 centuries in his career

    The biggest problem with the scheduling (for the top players, who are currently almost all from Europe) is obviously the China tournaments, which are increasing in numbers and prize money. Trying to cram a bunch of China events into the schedule just isn’t working very well, but getting rid of them wouldn’t make much sense either because of how many young Chinese players there are and because of the big purses in Chinese events.

    I think we’ll see more and more top players starting to pick and choose the way Ronnie is doing…

    • Yes, and we should have a system that allows them to do that. Ronnie’s idea of counting only the best 6-7 ranking tournaments wouldn’t work, because the best events aren’t necessarily ‘ranking’ events anyway. It’s easy to see what the problem is, and it’s easy to see what the solution is. Unfortunately it’s going to take a catastrophe for changes to happen, and even then I doubt it. Ultimately World Snooker will lose some of its biggest names.

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