UK Championship 2018 – Ronnie wins his Last 32 match

Ronnie beat Zhou Yuelong by 6-0 this afternoon to book his place in the last 16. He will play Marco Fu or Jack Lisowski next on Wednesday.


Here are the stats

Ronnie did play really well, even if there was no century. Zhou had a few chances, not that many actually , but couldn’t take any.

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Here is the report on Worldsnooker:

UKChamps2018ROSL32-1O’Sullivan is chasing snooker history this week; if he wins the tournament he will set new records of seven UK titles and 19 Triple Crown events, surpassing the records he currently shares with Steve Davis and Stephen Hendry respectively.

He meets Jack Lisowski or Marco Fu in the fourth round in York, on either Wednesday or Thursday (tickets for both of those days available – for details click here).

Breaks of 66, 60, 68, 89 and 69 helped world number three O’Sullivan to an emphatic win over China’s Zhou.

“I felt for my opponent because it’s hard out there when things are not going for you,” said O’Sullivan, who turns 43 on Wednesday. “Zhou wants to make a statement and show the snooker world what he is capable of, because I know he is capable of wonderful things. I made a few mistakes but he didn’t punish me, I dodged a bullet.

“It is a learning curve for him, but at some point you have to stop learning and start giving out a few lessons yourself. I think he’s going to win tournaments because he’s a superb player. I have to train myself to block out my opponent and focus on what I have to do, and if I can do that I can make it difficult for whoever I play.”

And the action (BBC coverage)

Honestly, I don’t understand why people make such a big fuss about what Ronnie says about a “breakaway”, that isn’t a rival tour anyway,  and that he only sees as a last resort, and I certainly don’t believe for a minute that Steve Davis was confused. He admitted eventually that he would go for the “10 best results” gladly if he was still an (ex) top player on tour. Top pros take pride in their performances and want to present themselves at the competitions, well prepared and physically as well as mentally fit and rested. The hectic schedule doesn’t allow that anymore. And, yes, they can pick and choose, but at the expense of their ranking. Of course, I can see why Barry Hearn doesn’t like the idea. He wants to have all the top players in all the tournaments because that’s what sponsors and broadcasters will want and they hold the purse. But why brand Ronnie’s point of view as “nonsensical”? It isn’t, it’s just coming from a totally different perspective. It would be interesting to do a simulation of how the rankings would look with only the ten best performances counting each season. I would expect the ranking list not to be significantly different from the current one baring a few exceptions.

And BTW Steve’s current feed on twitter shows that he perfectly got it, and does see Ronnie’s point of view, as well as Hearn’s…  And it also shows that not all the fans think it’s nonsense, far from it. Have a read whilst it’s still current!



2 thoughts on “UK Championship 2018 – Ronnie wins his Last 32 match

  1. Despite Steve getting a lot of flak for his facial expressions and being branded as Hearn’s spokesperson, this was a very sensible interview and Ronnie raised a number of important and valid points about changes that would be necessary on the tour. Monique, I had the same thought that it would be very interesting to see how the best 10-result solution would work out and change (or not change) the ranking, because that seems to be one of Ronnie’s major points that there are players who play everything get to QFs, win nothing, but get a top 16-ranking. If he is right, then it would be impossible to form a players’ consensus around his idea.

    I was happy to hear that the “breakaway tour” is not the main idea here, of course not surprising that the media focused on that, but that was really ludicrous IMO.

  2. Barry Hearn and Steve Davis look at the figures and think “Snooker is bigger than ever, why are you moaning?”, which I guess is a fair point on the one hand. I can’t speak for anyone else though but I don’t feel it’s just the players getting burn-out, I feel the viewers are as well. Can anyone really get that excited about a tournament like the Scottish Open the day after the UK Championship?

    I’d say Steve Davis’ comments about the World Championship being unfair and it should be a flat draw are really worrying. I’m not sure Ronnie would compete in that tournament if that were the case. The BBC can’t even be bothered to put the 1st round of the UK championship on TV because the 1st round of a 128 draw is that boring.

    I’d like to see a basic salary for everyone on the tour (paid for with a reduction in the winners’ prizes that skew the rankings massively and a reduction in the number of tours), and no qualifying for at least the top 16 and maybe even the top 32. Never going to happen though because that’s the exact opposite direction that snooker is moving in.

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