The Masters 2019 – Judd Trump is the Master


Congratulations Judd Trump !

Masters 2019 Judd Trump Winner

Judd Trump beat Ronnie by 10-4 to win the Masters for the first time. This is Judd’s second “Triple Crown”, seven years (and a bit) after the first, the 2011 UK Championship.

Judd played outstanding snooker in the first session; he totally outplayed Ronnie in building a 7-1 lead. In the evening session, Ronnie made a fight of it, had two centuries, but could only “share” the session.

All week Judd has been disciplined and patient, not taking rash shots. He’s clearly matured a lot in recent months and putting the work in. Teaming with his brother Jack has helped him massively. He always had exceptional potting abilities, he now has a rock-solid safety game as well AND the right mentality. He will certainly add many more titles to his tally and will be one of the favourites come April at the Crucible.

As for Ronnie, it was a very disappointing ending of an otherwise great week. In the afternoon, his game deserted him – it happens to all of them occasionally – and, as Judd kept him cold in his seat for most of the session, he never really settled. His long potting was non-existent and his safeties were not good enough. In the evening he played better – he was reliable in the balls, his long potting was decent and he never gave up – but he would have needed to be at his very best to stand any chance, and he wasn’t.

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Here are the reports on Worldsnooker

Afternoon session:

Judd Trump is just three frames away from his first Dafabet Masters title as he built a 7-1 lead over Ronnie O’Sullivan in the final at Alexandra Palace.

Seven-time Masters champion O’Sullivan is in danger of one of his heaviest career defeats having been completely outplayed by his opponent so far. He’ll need to win nine of the last 11 frames tonight to avoid defeat.

Trump is playing in his first Masters final and the third Triple Crown final of his career. His only previous Triple Crown win came at the 2011 UK Championship. The £200,000 top prize would give the 29-year-old from Bristol his biggest pay day. Just two months ago he beat O’Sullivan 9-7 in the final of the Northern Ireland Open to win his ninth ranking title, a result which has surely given him a boost of confidence for today’s contest.

O’Sullivan, age 43, won his 19th Triple Crown title at last month’s UK Championship and is aiming to win his fourth title of the season from the six he has contested. The Chigwell cueman previously won the Masters in 1995, 2005, 2007, 2009, 2014, 2016 and 2017 and has also lost in five finals.

Trump made a tremendous start with breaks of 89 and 87 to take the first two frames. O’Sullivan scored his first points of the match in the third but managed just a break of 8 as Trump took it to extend his lead. And Trump made a 56 in the fourth as he came from 33-0 down to make it 4-0 at the interval.

A run of 69 from O’Sullivan saw him get a foothold in the match by taking the fifth, and he led 37-0 in the next when he missed a red to a baulk corner. Trump punished him with a break of 66 for 5-1.

Runs of 46 and 40 gave Trump frame seven and he made a 66 in the next. O’Sullivan had a chance to snatch it but missed the penultimate red to a top corner on 22, handing his opponent the chance to make it 7-1.

Evening session:

Judd Trump won the Dafabet Masters for the first time by beating Ronnie O’Sullivan 10-4 in a one-sided final at Alexandra Palace.

O’Sullivan, seven times a winner of this title, suffered his heaviest defeat in any final since he lost 9-2 to John Higgins at the 2006 Grand Prix as he was outplayed by his opponent.

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Bristol’s 29-year-old Trump landed the second Triple Crown title of his career and first since the 2011 UK Championship. He had never previously reached the final of the Masters but rose to the occasion with a dominant display to capture the Paul Hunter Trophy. The top prize of £200,000 is the biggest of his life.

And Trump did it the hard way, coming through a draw which could barely have been tougher, knocking out Kyren Wilson, Mark Selby and Neil Robertson to reach the final before beating the best player in snooker history. O’Sullivan had landed a 19th Triple Crown victory, surpassing Stephen Hendry’s record of 18, at last month’s UK Championship. But he couldn’t recover from a slow start today and has now lost six of his 13 Masters finals.

Only time will tell whether this moment represents a changing of the guard, with O’Sullivan perhaps coming towards the end of his career and Trump, another crowd favourite, coming into his prime.  But there is certainly a sense of Trump coming of age, as he has matured as a player in recent months, and has now ended an eight year wait to double his tally of major titles. He has worked hard in practice and developed the safety side of his game to become a stronger all-round player.

His 9-7 win over O’Sullivan in the final of the Northern Ireland Open in November, his ninth ranking title, gave him confidence ahead of today’s match, and he will now embrace the challenge of trying to win his first World Championship title in the Spring.

Trailing 7-1 after the first session, O’Sullivan got the better of the opening frame tonight with a break of 46.  World number five Trump hit back immediately with a run of 88 to lead 8-2. He had first chance in the next and made 23 before missing a red to a top corner, and O’Sullivan punished him with 114, the first century of the match.

O’Sullivan’s crowd support was immense as his fans willed him to fight back, but he crucially missed a tricky black to a top corner on 25 in frame 12. Trump, looking calm and collected, made 68 to go 9-3 ahead at the interval.

A break of 109, his 991st career century, proved no more than a consolation for O’Sullivan. He had a scoring chance in frame 14 but made just 16 before leaving the pink in the jaws of a top corner, and Trump replied with 53 to cross the winning line.

“I was quite calm at the end. I think I played so well today that it gave me confidence throughout the whole game,” said Trump. “I believed in myself the whole way through. I knew Ronnie was going to come back a little bit tonight but I stuck with him and took my chances.

“Against Ronnie you’ve got to play your absolute best to even get close to him, so obviously I was very surprised to get a 7-1 lead. It’s been a long time since I won a massive event. It’s taken a lot of hard work, a lot of sacrifices, but I think the rewards are there because of the practice I’ve done over the past four or five months. Hopefully it’ll be a major turning point in my career and I can really kick on.

“The way I played back then when I won the 2011 UK Championship was all-out attack, and now and again it would pay off. But the way I played this week, I was able to get through against top class players. I was very pleased with how I dug in with my safety and stayed patient.

“It’s good for the younger generation. Everyone’s a big fan of Ronnie, including myself, but it’s nice to have someone competing with him every now and again. It’s very pleasing to be able to beat him in two finals this season the way he’s playing. It shows me where my game is at.

“It was amazing to have my family here. I wouldn’t be in this position without them.”

World number three O’Sullivan said: “Judd played a great match, he played brilliantly this afternoon. Sometimes you have to accept that the better man won on the day. He’s always been a very good player. Sometimes you just need silverware to prove it to everyone else. He’s a great talent.

“The youngsters start coming through to take over eventually and there’s a lot of good youngsters out there. Snooker’s in great shape. That’s the exciting thing about sport, you can sit back and watch it unfold. You get to watch their careers and it’s exciting. Snooker’s in great hands, you’ve got some really good players there. Judd’s more than capable of winning the world title, so are a lot of players that haven’t won it.

“I’ve got two weeks off now, I’m going to do some go-karting, have a nice spa day tomorrow and just chill out. It’s been a nice week and I can take the positives out of it.”

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18 thoughts on “The Masters 2019 – Judd Trump is the Master

  1. Well it was a bad day for Ronnie. Unfortunately that’s the reality of getting older – the bad days happen more frequently. That’s why I have doubts about a 17-day event, although Mark Williams managed it last year.

    Perhaps the best thing that could happen would be for Trump to win the World Championship, in that with that mantle he would not feel the need to make targeted remarks about other players.

    So now we have Trump and Mark Allen as strong contenders to lead the game for the next few years. Although they are not very young, they are of a different generation.

    • To be fair, Ronnie had bad days, and bad spells, throughout his career. But, you are right, I’m not optimistic about the World Championship. I believe that losing to Mark Selby in 2014 has hurt him in ways himself doesn’t fully understand. Since, he’s only gone there being apprehensive. We talked about it once, very briefly, and he told me “I lacked resilience”. Maybe, but I remember him at breakfast on the last day of the championship and, quite simply, he was very flat. You need adrenaline flowing to win those comps. For wathever reason it wasn’t there.

  2. I have to confess I deserted this game yesterday. I hate seeing Ronnie play like he did yesterday, when you are outplayed, you are outplayed, but missing that red in frame 3 was nobody’s fault but his, although I did stick with it till 5-1. For the evening I thought if a miracle happens and Ronnie turns it around, or even just makes a decent match of it, I can watch it in a much happier frame of mind. But it is not going to happen. Of course, besides the obvious unwillingness to see Ronnie play so bad I have to admit I don’t like Trump. I take everything Monique said about his improved attitude and also that in real life he does not act as an arrogant twat, but we, who don’t have the fortune of personally knowing the players, rely on their pubic appearances and in that department he did a lot to irk me and rub me in the wrong way and he does. So the quick veil of forgetting over yesterday…

    • Actually, Ronnie played OK in the evening, much better than in the afternoon, albeit still not at his best. And he genuinely tried his hardest. But it was too much to do with a six frames deficit. If he had played that way from the start, the match would have been very close, and he could possibly have won it.

  3. I my opinion Judd‘s attitude yesterday was quite better. He was determined and hungry, he did practice hard and showed a great will to win. And he’s a player who doesn’t fear Ronnie. Ronnie looked listless and resigned the whole afternoon session and the score of 1-7 was too much to recover. It’s obvious that Ronnie after his win at the Uk couldn’t have the same hunger which had Trump. Ronnie can be satisfied with his season. At the Uk Championship Ronnie was full of agonistic rage. He was never aggressive against Trump, his break off shots were good, but his long potting and his safeties weren’t at his best.

  4. Prediction – Having just lost the Masters ROS will now focus even more on adding another World Title to his Triple Crown tally (also remember pro-rata to date this is better than Federer and Tiger Woods as Snooker only has 3 Triple Crown events per year not 4 like Tennis and Golf) ……………… lets see !!

  5. Just the game with the numbers but if he doesn’t miss that simple red to the left middle in frame 3 everything woud have been different.
    If he wins frame 4 everything woud have been different.
    If he wins frame 6 (and make a little comeback from 0-4 to 2-4) everything woud have beendifferent
    If in frame 10 Trump didn’t fluke a red as a starter the scoreline woud have been closer.

    Ronnie had chances to win the evening mini session but missed crucial balls.

    But you cannot win everything. It’s impossible

  6. I think Ronnie badly needs to beat Judd Trump next time when they facing each other again.
    If it’s a lst 16 of the event or the final of the event: he needs to beat him.

    Yesterday wasn’t his day. That’s all.
    But hey, Ronnie is not a robot!

    • That too is uncalled for. I have criticised Judd for his attitude at the table in the past but he was fully professional this week. And Ronnie is only human. All week he said he was feeling tired – and he looked tired. He just wasn’t at the races yesterday afternoon. That’s all.

      • Alright…is it a red flag if I say my comment was totally called for by Ronnie’s cringy, embarrassing, awful, laughable, amateurish performance yesterday?

      • No it’s not. Even if I disagree with you. Yes, Ronnie played badly. It happens to them all. They are human beings. Don’t you ever have a bad day? And when they have a bad day, and it happens in front of 2000 people and millions on television it’s even more difficult. Judd was there to win, as he should. He did nothing wrong, nothing that deserves insults. He has, in former matches, sometimes taken shots that I see as disrespectful to his opponents, and he has, at times, said things in press conferences that I though were immature. But there was none of that this week.

      • well, Ronnie’s a human being with 25 years on the pro tour so maybe next time try playing better than me in a Triple Crown final

      • no way…I’d never bet. just annoys me when Ronnie doesn’t play as well as he can. because you know perfectly that he could’ve played better had he wanted…but let’s leave it alone now

      • And it annoys me very much when people think that Ronnie can muster form at will and only loses when he’s not trying. Because that’s NOT how it is. Not for him, not for any sportsperson in any sport.

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