Ronnie, Eurosport, a poll and a message

During the Masters, Eurosport UK ran a poll, asking the fans which 147, in their opinion, is the greatest in snooker history.

Unsurprisingly, the iconic 5’20” 147 that Ronnie made at the Crucible in 1997 came out the winner and by a huge margin as well.

Ronnie has often said that it wasn’t actually a good break, because he didn’t have the white under control and that he only played that fast because he felt that if he stopped to think he would miss. But, hey, it was and remains nevertheless quite an extraordinary feat.

We asked … you voted … we have a winner 😬 ‘s sensational maximum at the 1997 World Championship is the greatest 147 in snooker history 🙌👏🚀

Ronnie retweeted this, adding

Hard to believe this was the first of my 15 competitive maximums and over 20 years ago 🙄

And, currently, although there is still snooker being played in Coventry, with nobody watching, most sports fans attention is on the tennis, and particularly on one young Greek, Stefanos Tsitsipas who ousted Roger Federer in the L16 at the Australian Open in Melbourne. He will face Rafa Nadal in the SF in about an hour.
It transpired that Stefanos is a snooker fan too, and his snooker hero is Ronnie. And Ronnie in turn sent the young man this message ahead of today’s match:

. has called his ‘snooker idol’ And the 🚀 will be cheering on Tsitsipas when he takes on Rafa Nadal at the !

Ronnie O’Sullivan’s good luck message for Stefanos Tsitsipas
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Of course, Ronnie retweeted this one too, adding

Good luck 😎

Those who know me, know that my husband id Greek, so I’ll be routing for Stefanos this morning. And, should he win, I may have a bit of a case of split loyalties if he faces Novak Djokovic in the final.

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    • I know Bernd, but I’m not sure that the sport authorities have actually updated their record book. Actually, I don’t think they have. It’s not important unless someone beats it…

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