Welsh Open 2019 – Ronnie loses to Alexander Ursenbacher in the last 32

Ronnie was beaten in the last 32, by 4-2, by Alexander Ursenbacher.

Welsh OPen 2019 ROS L32 Scores

Ronnie started impressively with a century. In the second frame he was in first, missed a red, whilst splitting the pack wide open – that red, played a speed literally flew out of the pocket – and Alexander made 70 from there. In every one of the remaining frames, Alexander was first in, usually from distance. Ronnie managed to steal frame three with 63, after his opponent missed having scored a 52. But in the next two, he only scored one point. In the last frame, Ronnie had a chance to steal but missed a slightly difficult last yellow. This is the type of ball you would expect him to get normally, but maybe not so easy when on the brink of defeat having been kept cold in his seat for the best part of two frames and a half. Back at the table, Alexander took an extremely difficult yellow on, with the rest – a shot that was all or nothing really – got it and cleared from there. It was an excellent performance from the young Swiss who deserved the win. Ronnie himself didn’t do that much wrong. His long potting was a bit of a weaker point today.


Alexander Ursenbacher reached the semi-finals at the English Open 2017, but since then had done very little. That time he had beaten Ken Doherty, Anthony Hamilton, Stuart Carrington, Shaun Murphy (by 4-1!) and Michael White en route. He seems to be the kind of player who plays either really well, or really badly. Strange.


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And here is the report on Worldsnooker (Excerpt)

Switzerland’s Alexander Ursenbacher scored the best win of his career so far as he beat Ronnie O’Sullivan 4-2 in the third round of the ManBetX Welsh Open.

So far this season, world number 71 Ursenbacher had not been beyond the last 64 of a ranking event, until this week as he is now into the last 16 in Cardiff to face China’s Zhao Xintong on Thursday evening.

Ursenbacher got to the semi-finals of the English Open last season but the 22-year-old subsequently struggled to replicate the same form – until today when he outplayed four-time Welsh Open champion O’Sullivan.

World number three O’Sullivan took the opening frame with a break of 118, his 994th career century, but he lost three of the next four frames as his Swiss opponent got on a roll with runs of 70, 52 and 57. In frame six, O’Sullivan had a chance to clear from 42-0 down to make it 3-3, but he missed the yellow off the last red on 35.

Ursenbacher was left with a tricky thin cut on the yellow to a baulk corner, playing the the rest, but executed it perfectly and cleared to the pink for victory.

“I didn’t expect to beat him, though I knew it was possible if I took my chances. I’m feeling good!” said Ursenbacher. “It’s my biggest win. If you play well then the wins come automatically. I’m full of confidence now but I won’t go any further if I don’t concentrate on each ball.”

Asked about the crucial pot on the yellow in the last frame, he added: “I wasn’t even sure if it went. I just knew if I hit it really thin with loads of side and didn’t hit the brown, it might go in. And I knew if I potted it I would win the match. Ronnie asked me at the end if the yellow went because he didn’t think it did, and I said ‘I don’t know!’ I just went for it.”

O’Sullivan said: “The better man won on the day. He potted some great balls and played with freedom and abandonment which is a fantastic way to approach any game. I’ve got nothing but praise for him, he’s great to watch. I had fun out there and gave it my best shot.”

and Ronnie tweeted this

Screenshot 2019-02-14 at 20.52.50.png

12 thoughts on “Welsh Open 2019 – Ronnie loses to Alexander Ursenbacher in the last 32

  1. I chatted Mon right after the match that i really hate one match wonder kids.
    I’m 100% sure that Alexander will lose next round’s match by 4-0 or 4-1.

    And I’m worried about Ronnie.
    Yeah i’m maybe too negative but he still not able to recover after the Masters final.
    Yeah this week was lot better than the previous week, but…
    And his break off shots are pathetics since working with the SightRight.
    Safety game is ok, break building game is ok, long pots were good earlier this season (UK for instance), but….
    The creating chances part of the game (break off + long pot) is the weakness point for him now.
    Anyway I’m afraid that if he gets something special the last remaining 3 events for him (Players Championship, Tour Championship, World Championship) but I strongly hope something special, winning moment in this season…

    • He tried. Once and for all Adam, get out of your head that stupid idea that if Ronnie tries he will always win. That’s not the case, not for him nor for anyone. He didn’t play ANY silly shot today. He went for his shots, and missed some but they were the right shots.

      • oh Monique, all he talked about in his interviews this week is how much he doesn’t care. surprise surprise, if you don’t care, you ain’t gonna win

      • And I don’t believe that he doesn’t care. His celebration after the UK win proved that he DOES care. A LOT. For years Ronnie has struggled with the expectations everyone put on him, and with his own quest for perfection. Now he tries not to allow defeat, or playing badly to hurt him as much it used to, and to lower pressure on himself. But he still does care.

      • And it wouldn’t help him.He cared far too much for most of his career. He’s gone through years and years of depression, low self-esteem and destructive behaviours, trying to reach impossible levels, soldiering on because he felt compelled to do it for his father, who was never satisfied with whatever he achieved. Do you want to see him that way again? Is it worth it? Not in my eyes.

    • I do believe he cares and I don’t care too much about his interviews (he sometimes says sth and then the exact opposite), but I don’t care much for these interviews either. I know it is to lower the pressure but it also carries the impression that it does not matter for him and it is difficult to take kindly to them.

  2. Ronnie was clearly outplayed and even if he had managed to steal frame 6 he might have lost in the decider, but it was disheartening to see that yellow which was eerily reminiscent of the one he missed against Fu. Worse, his break-off was horrendous all week, I don’t know what’s up with that and that cost him.

    • You’re right Csilla. His breakoff is an issue. He (almost) always leaves a long red. Today Alexander went for them and got most.

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