World Championship 2019 – first round format

This has appeared today on twitter:


This isn’t too bad for Ronnie. He doesn’t start right away, and still has a couple of days before his second match, should he win. What can’t be avoided are the two successive sessions in the QF if we get that far. Being second seed, he’s in the bottom quarter of the draw and that means the the two last sessions of his (potential) QF will be the last two of the round.

2 thoughts on “World Championship 2019 – first round format

  1. 2 questions Monique. 1st is Ronnie a morning person ?, well probably it will not matter if he s 7-2 up !
    And do you know if he practices much left handed these days ?. I saw an interview with J.H recently who claimed he heard Ronnie once practiced 4/5 hours a day for 2 months leftie. He is soooo good left handed.
    Thanks for your reports this year on another incredible season for R.O.S 1

    • Thank you Brian. Ronnie used to be terrible in mornings, but that’s a thing of the past. As for practising left handed, I’m not sure that he does anything specific nowadays. He has become very natural at it. And BTW he has a degree of natural ambidexterity. He writes with his right hand, but always holds his knife in the left hand when eating and that’s just an example.

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