Crucible 2019 – last interviews before it starts

The World Championship starts in a few hours and Shamoon Hafez (BBC) has been interviewing some if the main contenders.

World Championship 2019: Ronnie O’Sullivan seeks sixth title at Crucible

It’s not great that Mark Williams is feeling this way, but I can understand why he does.

Indeed just have a look at the poster:


He’s completely in the background, whilst Mark Selby who has not done much at all this season in right in front. Mark Also wasn’t on the cover of the new game “Snooker 19” that Worldsnooker is promoting. That’s hard to understand unless Mark is indeed right.

In my opinion he’s been a great World Champion but that view may not be shared by everyone. There is a trend now to ask sportsperson to be “Mr/Mrs Perfect”. Well spending the whole year celebrating on social media with a lot of drinking involved, and getting in trouble in Dubai for being too explicitly flirty (with his own wife BTW) may not be what’s expected of Mr Perfect. But what Mark certainly has done, and I believe it’s much more important than being Mr Perfect, is being a champion to which the man and woman of the street can relate/identify. Because, we, real humans in real life, we are not “Perfect” and it’s hard to relate to an image that bears no “reality”.


3 thoughts on “Crucible 2019 – last interviews before it starts

  1. Maybe Mark Williams is not “Mr. Perfect”, but who is? Off the top of my head I can hardly think of anyone. I don’t know how much the World Snooker page on fb is representative of the official World Snooker Organization, but they doubtless have a soft spot for Trump, which I’ll never understand, but every time he beats a no-name profoundly, he is celebrated for being so “dominant”, and not just in this season which was really good for him. For the life of mine I cannot see the reason for this attraction, but a chacun son gout. However, if idea is to have a champion with whom people can identify, I don’t think Trump would be that man. Definitely not anymore than Mark Williams.

  2. Williams‘ naked press conference did more in terms of global advertising than Hearn and Ferguson together in 9 years. It’s that kind of characters which people is looking for.

  3. Yes and he did provide us with a great story last year, which must have helped with the promotion of the game (although many media outlets concentrated on the press conference rather than the snooker). If he’s right in that World Snooker want a ‘youngster who would push the sport’, then that would seem to be a direct reference to Judd Trump.

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