Crucible 2019 – More Barry Hearn Announcements

There were more annoucements by Barry Hearn today and this was published by Worldsnooker

World Snooker Chairman Barry Hearn staged another press conference at the Betfred World Championship today. He announced the following.

The  World Cup will be staged in Wuxi, China every two years for the next ten years. This year’s event will take place from June 24 to 30. There will be 24 two-man teams from 23 nations (with host nation China to enter two teams). Total prize money will be $800,000. The teams will be announced after Q School.

The winner of next season’s Coral Cup, awarded to the player who wins the most money across the three Coral Series events, will receive an extra £100,000 bonus. This replaces the possibility of rounding up the prize money from £375,000 to £500,000 if a player wins all three events.

The first round losers in the three Coral Series events will receive the relevant prize money, but that money will not count towards their ranking tally.

In the Home Nations series events, the top 32 players will be seeded into the draw, with all other players drawn at random. Previously, only the top 16 were seeded.

High break prizes will go up next season, and there will be no discrepancy between the qualifying rounds and final stages in terms of breaks counting for the high break prize. This compensates for the scrapping of the rolling £5,000 for 147s, which has been replaced by the potential £1 million bonus for 20 or more 147s in a season, as previously announced.

Slow play will be closely monitored. The introduction of Average Shot Time on our website has helped speed up play. There are only a handful of players now consistently over 30 seconds a shot across the season. We will continue to monitor the situation and we are keeping our referees up to date with those players who are still lagging behind.

Toilet breaks are sometimes used as a form of gamesmanship and this clearly cannot be allowed. We will be in consultation with the players themselves, and the Players’ Commission in particular, to bring in some rules that are workable on toilet breaks.

Overall, I’m extremely satisfied with the level of entertainment being provided by the players. This has been a major reason for an escalation of TV ratings this year. In particular, the Coral series on ITV was a huge success and the World Championship and the other major events on the BBC are showing growth, while there is also significant growth on Eurosport.

The whole tournament schedule for the 2019/20 season will be published tomorrow. We’re aiming at 20 ranking events plus a range of invitational events, with total prize money estimated at £15 million.

Q School Asia will be taking place towards the end of the 2019/20 season alongside the traditional Q School here.

Is there any evidence that toilet breaks are used as a form of gamesmanship? How can you prove that? Seriously.

7 thoughts on “Crucible 2019 – More Barry Hearn Announcements

  1. How can you enforce a ‘no peeing’ rule? “I’ll just unzip and go right here then ref?” Barry should concern himself with improving the playing conditions(ie tables) by choosing a table manufacturer that actually makes a quality product.

    • I agree Paul. I don’t think there is an issue with toilet breaks. Even if occasionally a players seems to go out really a lot, it could be stress related, or a minor health issue we all have now an then. Are they going to ask the refs to check on that? (cringes)

      • Players in hot water over toilet breaks! It’s not really possible to do anything using an objective measure. There was a player from Thailand who kept taking breaks, even during frames. But then it turned out he was suffering from kidney disease.

        In chess if there were players who behave badly (even if within the rules), or simply play a boring style of game, then most likely they wouldn’t be invited to many tournaments. But the regimented way the snooker system works makes this impossible, unless there are clear breaches which lead to a ban.

        Perhaps players who go out a lot should be scheduled on the tables closest to the toilets, which would not only save time, but also punish them with bad smells (Crawley!) and the noise from the hand-drying machine.

      • Now you’re coming up with shrewd and slighly nasty ideas! There are many reasons why a player may need the toilet often. When this stupid idea came round for the first time about two years ago, Mark King said openly that he may need adult nappies if such restrictions came into force. (He suffers from a weak bladder following a surgery some years ago).

  2. My first though was are they going to monitor if the player really pees? 🙂

    Of course commentary often says players go out to compose themselves, but again it is to be counted as gamesmanship?

    • And what do commentators know? Do they spy on them? And even n if they do? So what? Unless they stay away for a very long time, which frankly I haven’t seen that often. For what I’ve seen he only player who may use that as gamesmanship -and I write may, not does – is Neil Robertson who more often than anyone needs an unschedule comfort break mid frame when struggling. And even them, it might just be the consequence of stress.

    • That is a load o rubbish players need to walk away re-compose themselves and continue. There is a little gamemenship in every sport so leave the players alone

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