2019/20 Season – Main Tour players

Just a short update about who will be on the Main Tour next season.

According to a reliable source on twitter

The CBSA has yesterday confirmed that Chang Bingyu and Bai Langning have qualified to play on the World Snooker Tour for the 2019/2020 and 2020/2021 seasons.

This comes as no surprise to anyone who follows snooker in China.

Chang Bingyu
Chang Bingyu
Bai Langning
Bai Langning

The last Q-School event is now into the early phase of round 3.

There will be no woman on the main tour. Ng On Yee has been the only one record at least one win in the Q-school. On Yee has won four matches, and is currently ranked 75 in the Q-School order of merit.

The two youngest players in the competition, both from mainland Europe, are also out, but they certainly gained invaluable experience. Iulian Boiko, 13 years old from Ukraine, won four matches, and lost in a deciding frame in round 3 of both Event 1 and Event 2. He also became the youngest player to make a century in professional competition; he is currently ranked n°56 in the Order of Merit.  Ben Mertens, 14 years old from Belgium, reached the second round in each of the Q-School events and also made a century; he’s currently ranked n°80.

Si Jiahui from China, only 16, is currently on top of the Order of Merit. As it stands it would ask for something impossible for him not to get a tour card via the Order of Merit: Peifan Lei, Lukas Kleckers, Billy Joe Castle and Ross Bulman would all need to reach the QF in Event Three and to lose at that stage for Si to miss out. Kleckers and Castle being bound to meet in the QF, should both of them get to the last round, Si Jiahui is already certain to get a tout card.

4 thoughts on “2019/20 Season – Main Tour players

  1. The announcement about Chang Bingyu and Bai Langning has been on the CBSA website since January, when they announced they had no plans for any further tournaments during the 2018-19 season.

    Both Chang and Bai play left-handed (but are naturally right), and have been coached by the remarkable Roger Leighton. Chang is still only 16, and a real prospect. Bai is one of a number of Chinese boys who suffered from having a ‘competitive’ father (but not so bad as the promising Mongolian Zhu Yinghui, whose father ruined his career).

    Both were in the Chinese Nationals in Xi’an, which finishes tomorrow. Chang was actually number 1 seed (courtesy of the ridiculous rankings, which are even worse than the world rankings), but lost to Yuan Sijun. Meanwhile, Li Hang beat Zhou Yuelong, and faces Zhang Anda in the semi-final.

    Zhang Anda cancelled his honeymoon, having got married the day before the start. I’m sure his wife will be expecting him to win the tournament!

  2. This is a unpopular opinion but im going to say it anyway. Woman’s Snooker tour is a great breeding ground for Women players but there has to come a time a good woman player moves to the next level and that means play in tournaments which contains the best Amataurs to hone their Skill. Both Ng And Reanne Evans are great players but flicking beyween Womans Tour and playing better players cant work you got to comit and then the results will come.

  3. It is a pity there will be no woman: I would have loved to see at least one make it and play on the main tour.

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