Shanghai Masters 2019 – Ronnie Interview

Ronne gave a nice, and rather long interview in the context of the 2019 Shanghai Masters Launch. He was also reunited with the kids to whom he had offered his trophies last season.

Here is the interview:

MissingClip 14.06.2019.: Shanghai Masters and National Amateur Snooker Masters press conference

It’s nearly one hour and a half long, but that’s also because the need for translation and the interactions with the fans.

There was also this article

“Rocket” Shanghai with “old friends”, interacting with the fans

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Last year, the champion of the Snooker Shanghai Masters, O’Sullivan, “airborne” Shanghai yesterday, for the 2019 World Snooker Shanghai Masters, which will be held on September 9-15 this year, and he will serve as a “mentor”. 2019 National Amateur Snooker Masters Tournament. Today, O’Sullivan has opened a new round of intimate interaction with fans to chat about his billiards story and Shanghai memories.

Shanhai Masters 2019 - Launch

        O’Sullivan, who has always performed well in the Shanghai Masters, has a large number of fans in China. Today he has a cordial exchange with some of the lucky winners who have been randomly selected through the official 2019 National Amateur Snooker Masters. Close contact with “Idol” has excited this group of lucky fans, and O’Sullivan is grateful to the Chinese fans who have always supported him.

        Many of these fans will compete in the 2019 National Amateur Snooker Masters – Shanghai Station on June 15th. This year’s competition is still divided into two stages: the trials and the national finals. The sea-selection sub-station will be increased from four stations last year to eight stations, and will be held in Shanghai, Wuxi, Chengdu, Chongqing, Xiamen, Shenzhen, Wuhan and Xi’an in June and August respectively.

Shanhai Masters 2019 Launch

        The top three players in each of the selection trials will advance to the national finals in Shanghai in September and will compete fiercely. In the end, the national finals champion and runner-up will win the 2019 World Snooker Shanghai Masters wild card seat, and compete with the snooker masters including O’Sullivan. At present, the 2019 National Amateur Snooker Masters is still in hot recruitment, and the registration method can be checked through the official WeChat public account (Snook Shanghai Masters).

Shanghai Masters 2019 Launch

        Fans and friends at the event also got the opportunity to ask questions to the Rockets face to face. O’Sullivan answered the questions of the fans seriously and also looked forward to this year’s war of defending. O’Sullivan said: “Shanghai Masters is always strong opponents gathered from various quarters, and at the beginning of the new season, everyone will come up with the best in the state, which is the cause of this race exceptionally people expect.” Meet On the other hand, the host also gave O’Sullivan a series of questions to test his understanding of Shanghai. O’Sullivan revealed that every time he came to Shanghai for many years, he felt the change of this vitality city. It combines the modern sense of modern city and the fireworks of the city life, so that he can enjoy the time in Shanghai.

Shanghai Masters 2019 Launch

        As the most successful and outstanding player in the history of snooker, O’Sullivan has played an important role in the promotion of snooker. His appearance has a special significance for the Shanghai Masters. “Rocket” has won the Shanghai Masters for two consecutive years. After winning the championship last year, he presented the championship trophy and the single-shot highest trophy to two children on the scene. The two lucky spectators were also invited to today’s fans. Meet the meeting. O’Sullivan, who was full of domineering and unruly on the court, showed a very gentle side when he saw these two “old friends”. Not only did they specially prepare gifts for them, but they also left precious photos with the small fans. “I was very happy after winning the championship last year. I want to give the trophy to the audience. I also hope to leave some good memories for them. I like to see the smiling faces of the children.” O’Sullivan said, “I think so, The trophy also has a better home, and I am more happy to make the fans happy.”

Shanghai Masters 2019 Launch

        The 2019 World Snooker Shanghai Masters will be held at the Regal International East Asia Hotel from September 9th to 15th. The competition will still be in the form of a 24-player tournament. The players invited to participate will be ranked by the top 16 players in the world, the top four Chinese players in the world (if the rankings in the top 16 are postponed), two from the China Billiards Association and two national amateur masters. . The event will continue to maintain a high level of lineup, attracting the world’s top snooker players to fight for the fight, for the championship glory and rich bonuses.

Shanghai Masters 2019 Launch

At present, the tickets for the competition have been officially opened for sale. Fans and friends can log on to the official ticketing website of the event, or call 021-962123 for ticketing consultation. In September, let us join the Regal International East Asia Hotel to experience the infinite charm of this gentleman movement. Pay attention to the official WeChat and Weibo platform “Snook Shanghai Masters”, or visit the official website of the event: for more information.

Plus some more pictures shared on weibo …

and here is Ronnie’s message to the fans:

MissingClip 16.06.2019.: Shanghai Masters and National Amateur Snooker Masters press conference.


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