Great Summer Work and Cleaning


Whilst others rest … we are working on this site!

We have been chasing broken links and missing videos all over the 2015/16/17 seasons (mainly). As you surely know youtube videos tend to disappear after a while, so a lot of the Eurosport features and punditry had gone missing. With the invaluable help of a dear friend, I have been able to restore a lot of them over the last weeks and it’s still work in progress. We have also found a few “new” ones: those have been added.

Amongst them a series of short Master Classes that Ronnie did during the 2016 English Open. You will find them in the gallery: here is the page

5 thoughts on “Great Summer Work and Cleaning

  1. Hey Monique,

    Thanks for all you do – it’s a real pleasure reading your work.

    Just an FYI that you have two copies of the doubling masterclass video on that page 🙂

    • Thank you Adrain. The double isn’t double anymore and instead the “using the rest” one is now there. Maybe I should use some rest 😉

  2. Thank you so much for all the time and effort you, dear Monique and your mysterious and generous friend, put in to keep this site going. It really is annoying that you tube contents tend to vanish or to be closed. For a while I tried to sample my own private collection of video links but just gave up, because it was so frustrating.
    So, your excellent work is much appreciated. I definitely will enjoy the restored and new contents.
    Thanks again 🙂 and don´t forget to enjoy the summer as well.

    • Thank you for all the nice commrents Silvry. Don’t worry, I’m enjoying the summer. Yesterday I was out taking pictures at the Tour de France! (not kidding, I did). And, yes, you should come and watch the Pink Ribbon one day … and have a cuppa together.

      • Hey, that would be great. Inspires me to make it happen (not getting any younger and healthier as years fly by).

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