Pink Ribbon 2019 – Important clarification


As you may have noticed, not all players in the pro draw are actually pros.

Yesterday, Andrew Norman, on Facebook and twitter, explained why that is so.

Top 100 in Qschool list had the option to play in the seeded round however they must give 18 start same as pros

In the past years we have used the Qschool list to ‘top up’ the pro round to make an even amount of seeds.. they have the choice to start from the 1st round as well … due to the large Pro entry, it was decided not to pull back QSP’s any players that had already entered

This was when,  following a fan’s question, I wrongly assumed that Robbie McGuigan, Mark Allen’s stepson, found himself in the pro draw because, maybe, Mark Allen himself was not able to travel to Gloucester as early as the Friday or Saturday. Robbie is still a young teenager so he wouldn’t probably travel on his own, but he’s a very good amateur – he’s a 147 man – and played well in the Q-school. I stand corrected. Thank you Andrew.

Also World Snooker Service have been installing two more tables and refurbishing the Academy star tables:

Tomorrow, I’m traveling to Gloucester already! See you there!

One thought on “Pink Ribbon 2019 – Important clarification

  1. Hello Monique,
    have a smooth and safe journey and enjoy your days in Gloucester at what look to be a great festival of snooker.
    Really wish that I would have been able to come as well.
    Until then I am looking forward to your pictures and reports.


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