Pink Ribbon 2019 – Are you ready?


The South West Snooker Academy certainly is getting ready and waiting for you, players and fans …

The resident tables have been refurbished and two more tables are nearly ready in what used to be the practice area,  with some seating for spectators.

The 10th Anniversary polo shirts are really beautiful


And the tournament director’s office is just waiting for Clive Brown…

with the trophies on display.

It should be a great event … it will be great event thanks to all wo entered and all who will come and support whilst watching some great snooker!

2 thoughts on “Pink Ribbon 2019 – Are you ready?

  1. Good luck to you all!
    I wish I could watch it. But in Russia it is impossible to do(

    • It’s not on television Marina, but there will be a streaming – hopefully – during the pro stages (Monday and Tuesday). You should be able to watch that.

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