Betfred will remain the sponsor of the World Championship until 2022 and conclude this one with a magnificent gesture.

Here are the announcements by WST

Betfred extend their commitment to WST

The World Snooker Championship will continue to be sponsored by Betfred until at least 2022 thanks to an extended agreement.

Betfred and WST have announced the extension on the final day of the 2020 tournament at the Crucible Theatre in Sheffield, as Ronnie O’Sullivan and Kyren Wilson battle for the trophy.

The Betfred World Championship is snooker’s biggest tournament and one of the greatest sporting events on the planet, with an international audience of 500 million.

It brings together the world’s top 16 players, plus 16 more who battle through the qualifying rounds. The final stages run for 17 days at the famous Crucible.

Betfred first sponsored the tournament in 2009.

WST Chairman Barry Hearn said “We have worked with Betfred on the World Championship for many years and we are delighted to extend the agreement. Over that time it has developed into a truly global event with a vast audience, and its reach continues to grow. More and more fans in an increasing number of countries tune in each year to watch history in the making. This year’s Championship has been one of the best. We look forward to working with the fantastic Betfred team for many years to come.”

Fred Done, Boss of Betfred, added: “I’m delighted to extend my association with the World Snooker Championship and I would like to take this opportunity to thank WST, the Crucible, BBC, Eurosport and especially the players for putting this event on in such challenging times.”

And donate £25000 to Jessie May

World Snooker Championship sponsor Betfred has made an incredible donation of £25,000 to WST’s official charity Jessie May Children’s Hospice at Home.

Before the tournament started, Betfred pledged £200 for every century break to Jessie May, with the total to be rounded up to £25,000 if 80 centuries were made.

In fact the ton count finished at 79, though champion Ronnie O’Sullivan narrowly missed out on another century in the last frame, running out of position on the last black on 96.  Betfred has generously decided to count that as a century and trigger the massive £25,000 donation.

WST Chairman Barry Hearn said: “This is an amazing gesture from Betfred and I know just how much this will mean to the Jessie May team at a time when they have been forced to reduce their fund-raising activity. They need the kindness of people like Fred Done in order to keep up the remarkable work they do for children and their families. Our gratitude goes to Betfred.”

Fred Done, Boss of Betfred, added: “I am thrilled that we are able to round up the donation to £25,000 because Jessie May is such a wonderful charity. Congratulations to the players for making so many centuries and providing a great tournament.”

Jessie May Children’s Hospice at Home, based in Bristol, is WST’s official charity partner. They provides a hospice at home service for terminally ill children, offering care to families in the South West area. For more information about Jessie May visit

Players – pros and amateurs – are taking the blue ball challenge

Jason Francis came up with the idea. Here is WPBSA explaining what it’s all about:

Snooker Stars Potting for the NHS

3rd April 2020

Snooker German Masters


Leading snooker stars including 2015 world champion Stuart Bingham have taken part in the Blue Ball Snooker Challenge during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic to raise money for the National Health Service (NHS) in the United Kingdom.

The initiative was the brainchild of World Seniors Snooker Chairman Jason Francis who challenged any players with snooker tables at home to try and pot ten difficult blue balls with people predicting how many they would get and donating to the NHS.

“It started as a bit of fun but its gone viral now with players having a go and raising money for our national health service in the UK,” said Francis. “This week alone we have had Stuart Bingham, Joe Perry and Kyren Wilson take part and our regular Facebook live videos have proved very popular with the snooker community.”

The initial goal was to raise £1,470 for a local NHS trust as a reference to snooker’s maximum 147 break – a target which was soon met within four days. Further targets have since been met for bodies including the London North West NHS Trust and Barts NHS Trust, with a Sheffield-based Trust set to be the next beneficiary in recognition of the city’s status as the home of snooker having hosted the professional World Snooker Championship since 1977.

Overseas players in Ireland have also taken up the challenge with €1,000 having been raised for its Health Service Executive.

“For as long as we remain in isolation, and players want to continue supporting this, we will continue,” added Francis. “It would be incredible if we could top £10,000 by the time we finish.”

For more information and to view the attempts so far visit the ROKit Phones World Seniors Snooker Facebook page.

This is a great initiative and players have really embraced it.

Gary Filtness, the Super Seniors n°1, was first to take it and made it ten out of ten! Stuart Bingham made nine. Kyren Wilson involved his whole family. Emma Parker, the women under-21 n°1, potted eight out of ten…

Far too many players took it already to name them all, with a lot more already committed to trying their best and they come from all corners: professionals, seniors, juniors, disability players, all united to support their national health system.

Well done everyone!

Stuart Bingham wins the Pink Ribbon 2019


Stuart Bingham won the Pink Ribbon 2019, beating Mark Allen by 4-3 in the Final.

Congratulations Stuart Bingham

This year marked the 10th anniversary of the event. To make it more special, it was also the year the £100000 landmark was passed. Yes, over the last 10 years the event gathered over £100000 for its charities, supporting medical research aiming at curing breast cancer as well as proximity support for the sufferers and their families. Plus Stuart Bingham & Mark Allen BOTH donated £1000 each from their winnings back to the tournament charity pot.

It also attracted a record number of nearl 400 entries.  It’s a truly inclusive event, played in great spirit: players of all ages and abilities come together to support the cause.

Congratulations to Paul Mount and his team!

With a special mention to Andrew Norman who was everywhere, for everone and even managed to mont a good defence if his title on top of everything else.

And nothing would be possible without the tournament director, Clive Brown, and his team of referees, all working tirelessly and for free. This time with the record number of entries, they worked 18 hours/day throughout. Yes, you read it right: 18 hours/day!

Congratulations to Clive Brown and his team!

I took far too many pictures for me to publish them on this page. So here are the links to the Facebook albums. You don’t need to be on facebook to browse through them:

19 July – the venue is getting ready

20 July – the top half

21 July – the bottom half

22 July – first day of pro stages

23 July – the Finals day

There was also a very special moment on Monday evening, when Paul Mount was honoured for his 10 years commitment and work for his charities of choice. Clive Brown was honoured  as well for 10 years of tireless support to the event.

The award ceremony album 

And finally,

Congratulations and thank you to all players

Because without you, the event wouldn’t exist!

Pink Ribbon 2019 – Are you ready?


The South West Snooker Academy certainly is getting ready and waiting for you, players and fans …

The resident tables have been refurbished and two more tables are nearly ready in what used to be the practice area,  with some seating for spectators.

The 10th Anniversary polo shirts are really beautiful


And the tournament director’s office is just waiting for Clive Brown…

with the trophies on display.

It should be a great event … it will be great event thanks to all wo entered and all who will come and support whilst watching some great snooker!

The Pink Ribbon 10th Anniversary – Draws and Schedule


This is the message from Paul Mount yesterday:

394 entries into this years pink ribbon pro am charity snooker competition at SouthWest SnookerAcademy
A big thanks and well done to Andrew Normanand Clive A Brown for all their hard work sorting out the schedule.
Also thanks to World snooker services for installing two extra star tables so we can meet the tight schedule.
We should break through the £100,000 raised barrier at this our tenth pink ribbon event , all of which goes to breast cancer charities.

Indeed with two more tables installed, the tournament director, Clive Brown had to rework the schedule. It’s still a very, very busy schedule!

You will find everything you need by following the links below:

PR19 – Top Half Draw (final v2)

PR19 – Bottom Half Draw (final v2)

PR2019 – Pro Draw L128

PR19 – Summary Schedule (final v2)


Snooker in July – (Good) News

Pink Ribbon

The 370+ entries are a fantastic news for all involved in the Pink Ribbon but it’s also a logistic nightmare. SWSA has ten tables but even so we were facing a 24h non stop play during the week-end at least. World Snooker Services have come to the rescue! 


Pink Ribbon - WSS

That’s awsome news! But it also means that the tournament director, Clive Brown, and SWSA manager, Andrew Norman, have to rethink both the draw and organisation of the event. Clive and Andrew are unsung heroes. The work they put in this is incredible.

So the revised draw will be out soon hopefully.

Thank you World Snooker Service and thank you Andrew and Clive. 

I have also heard from Andrew that Worldsnooker has agreed for the event to be streamed. That too is great news. Now, wether Andrew will be able to set that up in the middle of everything else, remains to be seen. I’m 1000% certain that he will try his very best to have it done though!

Mark Allen Classic 2019

This one is underway this week-end.

The scores and results can be followed here:

Apparently, despite making a 98, Shaun Murphy has lost 4-1 to an amateur… what’s going on there?

Some matches are streamed here The Mark Allen Classic youtube channel

Pink Ribbon 2019 – Draft draw and Schedule


The Pink Ribbon has attracted a massive turn-up for its 10th Anniversary! This is fantastic news. Over 370 entries, the most ever, and this time a preliminary pro round will be needed as there are more than 32 pro entries! 

This has caused Andrew Norman – the SWSA manager (and defending champion!) – and Clive Brown – the tournament director – a bit of a “draw and schedule” headache but it’s a nice headache to have!

The following draws – amateur rouds only – and schedule are provisional. Every year there are some changes, players who can’t make it, but also players who have entered last minute and not yet in this list. Anyway, here it is!

PinkRibbon2019 - Draw Draft BottomPinkRibbon2019 - Draw Draft TopPinkRibbon2019 - Schedule Draft

You will recognise quite a few names in this draw is you follow the snooker regularly: this is a mix of pure amateurs, former pros, Challenge Tour players, WDBS (Disability) players and WSS Senior players! It has all the ingredients for a great event and … very long days and nights!