Snooker in July – Mark Allen Classic 2019

Mark Allen can be outspoken at times, but there is a side of him about which he’s very quiet: the amount of work he does for charity, and it’s a lot.

On 12, 13 and 14th of July, he will once again organise the “Mark Allen Classic”, the money raised going to Riverside Special School this time.

Come along if you can, it will be interesting, fun and all for a good cause.

It will be held at:

147 Snooker Club (Antrim)

32 Fountain Street, Antrim
Phone: +44 (0)28 9446 3388

This is the draw for the fist rounds:

1. Jamie-Lee Gardiner v Raymond Fry
2. Aaron Hill v Billy Moore
3. Philly Browne v Tom Ford
4. Mick Judge v Roger Smyth
5. John Fry v Joe Perry
6. Barry Hawkins v Jason O’Hagan
7. Stephen Bateman v Raymie Eastwood
8. Patrick Wallace v John Robinson
9. Jason Smyth v Greg Stevenson
10. Matthew Stevens v Peter Doherty
11. Paul Keenan v Snowy Dickson
12. TJ Dowling v Mervyn Campbell
13. Ryan Mcquillan v Jordan Brown
14. Robert Murphy v Michael Georgiou
15. Kevin Quinn v Karl Black
16. Stephen Brady v Shaun Murphy
Last 64
17. Robert Malcolm v winner of match 1
18. Fergal O’Brien v Robbie McGuigan
19. Stephen Ferguson v winner of match 2
20. Mark Allen v bonus ball winner
21. Anto Heaney v winner of match 3
22. Matt Mccullagh v Tasha Magill
23. Stephen Herron v winner of match 4
24. Joe O’Connor v Stan Moody
25. Nathan Curtis v winner of match 5
26. Aaron Mckee v Paul Currie
27. Nigel Clewer v winner of match 6
28. Joe Porter v Dave Lewis
29. Jamie Martin v winner of match 7
30. Kyle Kirkwood v Louis Heathcote
31. Alastair Wilson v winner of match 8
32. Shea Moore v Peter Lines
33. Gregory Cooke v winner of match 9
34. Daniel Wells v Ross Bulman
35. John Duffy v winner of match 10
36. Stephen Finlay v Ronan Fay
37. Paul Lowry v winner of match 11
38. Michael Holt v Brian Milne
39. Raymond Donnelly v winner of match 12
40. Simon Dent v Oli Lines
41. Declan Lavery v winner of match 13
42. Simon Cooke v Rab McCullough
43. CJ Anderson v winner of match 14
44. Peter Logue v Chris McCrory
45. Derek McMillan v winner of match 15
46. Ron Mc Keown v Gerard Greene
47. Qualifier winner v winner of match 16
48. Rodney Goggins v Wesley Savage

I’m the one who put some names in blue. As you can see the event is well supported by Main Tour pros, WSS players and promising talents! You can expect some good snooker!

This is the schedule for the first rounds:

Numbers on the right are the match numbers.

Friday 12th July
1. Paul Keenan v Snowy Dickson 1
2. Kevin Quinn v Karl Black 2
3. Matt McCullagh v Tasha Magill 3
4. Peter Logue v Chris McCrory 4
5. Fergal O’Brien v Robbie McGuigan 5
6. Jason Smyth v Greg Stevenson 10
1. Stephen Bateman v Raymie Eastwood 7
2. Patrick Wallace v John Robinson 8
3. TJ Dowling v Mervyn Campbell 9
4. Simon Cooke v Rab McCullough. 6
5. Shaun Murphy v Stephen Brady 11
6. Aaron Hill v Billy Moore 12
1. Philly Browne v Tom Ford 13
2. Joe O’Connor v Stan Moody 14
3. Joe Porter v Dave Lewis 15
4. Stephen Finlay v Ronan Fay 16
5. Michael Georgiou v Robert Murphy 17
6. Michael Holt v Brian Milne 18
1. Rodney Goggins v Wesley Savage 19
2. Ron McKeown v Gerard Greene 20
3. Paul Lowry v winner of match 1 21
4. Derek McMIllan v winner of match 2 22
5. Joe Perry v John Fry 23
6. Jamie-Lee Gardiner v Raymond Fry 24
1. Stephen Ferguson v winner of match 12 25
2. Anto Heaney v winner of match 13 26
3. Shea Moore v Peter Lines 27
4. Raymond Donnelly v winner of match 9 28
5. Barry Hawkins v Jason O’Hagan 29
6. Oli Lines v Simon Dent 30
NB 9pm
1. Matthew Stevens v Peter Doherty 31
2. Nathan Curtis v winner of match 23 32
3. Draw winner v Paul Currie 33
4. Jamie Martin v winner of match 7 34
5. Daniel Wells v Ross Bulman 35
6. Robbie Malcolm v winner of match 24 36
Saturday 13th July
1. CJ Anderson v winner of match 17 37
2. Ryan McQuillan v Jordan Brown 38
3. Alastair Wilson v winner of match 8 39
4. Roger Smyth v Mick Judge 40
5. Louis Heathcote v Kyle Kirkwood 41
6. Gregory Cooke v winner of match 10 42
1. John Duffy v winner of match 31 43
2. Mark Allen v Aaron McKee 44
3. Winner of match 26 v winner of match 3 45
4. Winner of match 32 v winner of match 33 46
5. Nigel Clewer v winner of match 29 47
6. Winner of match 36 v winner of match 5 48
1. Winner of match 28 v winner of match 30 49
2. Winner of match 20 v winner of match 22 50
3. Winner of match 18 v winner of match 21 51
4. Stephen Herron v winner of match 40 52
5. Winner of match 11 v winner of satellite 4 53
6. Declan Lavery v winner of match 38 54

Mark Allen himself will be doing some promotion on July 3d

10 years of Pink Ribbon


This year will be the 10th time that the Pink Ribbon Pro-Am Charity tournament is held in the South West Snooker Academy in Gloucester.

Paul Mount lost his beloved sister Kay Suzanne to this terrible disease, and since 2010, he organises this fantastic tournament to help raise awareness about how breast cancer can be prevented, or at least detected early enough to be cured. The money raised goes to charities that help sufferers and survivors.

Players at all levels are welcome, and amateurs can enter twice, certain to compete in both sides of the draw. It’s always played in fantastic spirit.

Ronnie won it in 2015

That year, Darryn Walker, an amateur, reached the semi finals in both sides of the draw, and had he been able to beat Ronnie in the semi-final, would have played the final against himself! Everything can happen there! Quite incredibly, Ronnie and Darryn had shared a room, when competing as juniors but hadn’t seen each others in years. Never seen opponents babbling and laughting so much during a match!

Enter, or come along to watch! You won’t regret it!

It’s a great event for a great cause.

Maria Catalano to ‘Brave the Shave’ at UK Women’s Snooker Championship


Catalano to ‘Brave the Shave’ at UK Women’s Snooker Championship

If you are planning on coming to the Northern Snooker Centre for the LITEtask UK Women’s Snooker Championship next month, you might notice one of our leading players looking a little differently than normal.

World no.3 Maria Catalano will be ‘braving the shave’ on the eve of the tournament in support of Macmillan Cancer Support, a registered charity based in the UK which provides support for people affected by cancer.

Maria has decided to undertake the challenge in memory of her late father Antonio who very sadly passed away following a short battle with cancer earlier this summer and has been overwhelmed by the support that she has received.

“I would like to thank everybody for the support with my challenge and focus of supporting Macmillan,” said Catalano. “My reasoning for this is all about saying thank you. I’m not going to say I’m not scared because I am, but there are always woolly hats and hopefully my Italian roots will make my hair grow back quickly!

Maria Catalano plays snooker

“What this has taught me is to never ever take life for granted. It is a cliché I know but you really can be here today and gone tomorrow. I want to turn my heartbreak into a positive and give something back and just to raise awareness of the great man my dad was. I am so grateful for the donations and the awareness, it is deeply appreciated.”

Catalano, who earlier this year reached the final of the 2018 World Women’s Championship in Malta, is also known for being the cousin of five-time world professional champion Ronnie O’Sullivan who has today given his backing to her challenge.

“Antonio was my uncle and I used to spend a lot of time up there when I was youngster in particular,” said O’Sullivan. “He was the kindest, most gentle, lovely human being you can imagine meeting. He was very hard working with the ice cream business and a big family man. He will be forever missed.

“I know how close Maria was to her dad and how painful it was for her, so all credit to her for doing something like this.”

All of us at World Ladies Billiards and Snooker are of course fully supportive of Maria and are delighted that she will be undertaking the challenge surrounded by her snooker family at approximately 7:00pm at the Northern Snooker Centre, Leeds prior to the start of the new season.

To read Maria’s story and to help her to smash her £2,000 target donate now at:


If you wish and can support Maria, please do so although it might prove difficult if you are not living in UK. Indeed the interface is such that only postcodes with UK structure are accepted…

And, IMO, Antonio Catalano’s illness and death may at least partly explain why Ronnie seems unprepared to sacrifice his quality of life in order to add to his already remarkable tally. Italian families are often very closely knitted and the Catalano are no exception. Antonio was Ronnie’s mother’s brother. He only lived about 5 weeks after the cancer diagnostic was delivered. That’s a harsh reminder that live is fragile and that you never know when your time comes.

The Pink Ribbon 2018 – Andrew Norman is your Champion!


Andrew Norman won the Pink Ribbon 2018 beating Harvey Chandler by 4-2 in the final.

Congratulations Andrew!

And congratulations Harvey as well. They both were the best players there all week, and by some margin. The final was extremely close, much closer than the score suggests.

Andrew is now off the tour for a few years and competed as an amateur. Harvey is a professional, a rookie, and if he plays on the tour the way he did in Gloucester over the last days he is  certainly one to watch.

Andrew deserves even more credit for this victory because he’s been working tirelessly on the organisation of the event, this year and all previous years. Andrew is everywhere: early morning getting everything ready, during the day, behind the bar, playing snooker, serving food, generally helping everyone and, when everyone is gone for a drink, at 1:30 in the morning, Andrew is still there brushing the tables after the last matches!

Andrew told me that the prospect of being able to play on the World Seniors tour has been a huge motivation to practice hard again lately. clearly it paid off.

Here are a few images taken during the Final

This year the event managed to raise more money than it did last year despite the clashes with the Riga Masters and the Challenge Tour Event 3. Well done to Paul Mount and his team!


And finally big thank you to Clive Brown, the tournament director, and his team of referees. Everyone one of them worked their socks off to have the event running smoothly!


Next year will be the 10th anniversary of the Pink Ribbon. Don’t miss this special occasion to celebrate one of the best pro-ams in the World and one run for a great cause too!

During the event I published all the pictures on Facebook. Here are the public links:

Day 1 of Amateur Rounds – 28 July 2018

Day 2 of Amateur Rounds – 29 July 2018

Last 64 & last 32 – 30 July 2018

The Finals Day – 31 July 2018

It was great to see the diversity of players all there to support the charity: from the very young, to the very old, able-bodied and disabled, men and women, unknown and legends.

And finally a special mention for young Ben Mertens, from Belgium. Ben is only 13 and he qualified for the pro stages in both half of the draw. He reached the last 32.


Exhibitions and Charity reminder …

Jimmy and Dennis Lincoln Jan 2019

I know that Christmas is still very far away, but be sure to put this one in your agenda. Remember surplus proceed to World Disability Billiard and Snooker. You can have fun and help others in need, isn’t that great?

Just a little reminder of what happened the last times similar events were run in Lincoln!

Ronnie had a “sandwich” …

And there was a great Q&A session too

Images taken at the events last February can be found here and here.

This time it will be Jimmy White and Dennis. Come along!

Pro-am and Charity – the Pink Ribbon 2018


The Pink Ribbon is a pro-am tournament created by Paul Mount to raise funds for breast cancer charities and research. It started in 2010 and honours the memory of Suzanne Kay, Paul’s sister, who died from this terrible disease at a young age. It’s always played in great spirit at the excellent South West Snooker Academy home, the Capital Venue, in Gloucester, England. It’s both competitive and a lot of fun.

This is currently on the South West Snooker Academy Facebook

Pink Ribbon Charity Snooker Pro Am 2018
28th – 31st July
Enter now @

It’s a Saturday – Day 1 start this year !!

Its the SWSA’s 9th annual Pink Ribbon. We are once again raising money and awareness for breast cancer. All funds raised will be donated to the Breast Cancer Now Foundation.

We are starting on a Saturday this year and once again all amateurs will be allowed to enter the draw twice!

Pink Ribbon Polo shirts once again is the dress code. You can buy them now through our SWSA Website.

The Holiday Inn Express Gloucester South (300yrd walk from SWSA) will also be offering rooms at a discounted price £70 per room per night.
Room are available from Fri 27th through to 1st Aug.
Ring 01452 726400 and quote ‘Snooker’ when booking


Unusually it starts on a Saturday this year. It’s a great idea because many amateurs will be able to compete without needing to take a leave from work unless they qualify for the pro stages. The pro stages start on Monday, right after the Riga Masters 2018. Unfortunately, it clashes with the Challenge Tour Event 2 …

The defending champion is Robert Milkins. Previous winners were Michael Holt, Mark Joyce, Stuart Bingham, Joe Perry, Peter Lines, Ronnie, and Jamie Jones. Twice did an amateur reach the final, so they have a real chance.

Here is the album I made when Ronnie won it in 2015

Don’t hesitate to enter even if you play only occasionally and are not that good. It’s a great cause, an opportunity to see pro players close-up; they are relaxed and approachable. And if you don’t play, why not just come and watch. There will be plenty of good snooker played, by top amateurs and pros alike!

All players will be in pink… and so will the photographer.

Come and support!

The Pink Ribbon 2017 …


Those who follow my Facebook page know where I have been last week: in Gloucester, where once again the South West Snooker Academy hosted the Pink Ribbon Charity pro-am, aiming at supporting the fight against breast cancer.

Here is what was posted on the South West Snooker Academy Facebook page:

Congratulations to Gloucester very own Robert Milkins (£1400) who defeated Rob James (£600) in this years Pink Ribbon Final 4-2

Rob James played incredible snooker all week playing double matches each day. He lost in the last 16 (£100) also… he also collected the award for the best performing amateur worth £200

This year was another successful event with 255 entries.

The total sum of £9000 was raised for the Breast Cancer NOW foundation. Local organisation – Charlie’s of Gloucester were presented with £300 from players donations throughout the event

The event as always rely on people donating their time & services to make the event run smoothly…

Clive Brown & Haydon Parry have been running the event from the very first year & are unsung heroes who apply their knowledge of TD the Pink Ribbon to the very best!

Monique Limbos has photographed some amazing snooker shots and all the players & SWSA are so thankful to be able to see & use perfect photos for the history books!

Peters Pies have once again donated their lovely pastry products once free of charge throughout the event meaning that 100% of all sales have been Donated to charity… Thanks to Huw & the team for arranging this.

To all the staff, friends, family who have helped Andrew at SWSA … thank you !

Paul Mount & Andrew Norman would like to thank all the Players, refs, families, coaches and snooker fans for support the event ❤️

See you all next year!

It was a great event as usual, played in fantastic spirit. There were less top players entering than a few years back and this is probably linked to the early start of the season. Robert Milkins, this year Pink Ribbon Champion admitted that coming to play in this event right on the back of a week’s qualifiers in Preston wasn’t easy. But the quality of the field was excellent nonetheless, and, in particular, the runner-up, Rob James spoiled us with a series of  high quality performances. But he wasn’t the only one, far from it.

Here is a more detailed report, with results from the last day, by Michael Day on his cue view blog.

I have been in SWSA countless times, for the Pink Ribbon, for PTCs, for WDBS events and yet I had never visited Gloucester. I did put that right this time and here are the photos I took as I strolled through the city

As for the snooker, all the images are on my Facebook page

Day 1 – Amateurs rounds

Day 2 – Amateurs rounds

Day 3 – last 64 and last 32 – pros and amateurs

Day 4 – Last 16 >>> the Final – pros and amateurs