Snooker in July – (Good) News

Pink Ribbon

The 370+ entries are a fantastic news for all involved in the Pink Ribbon but it’s also a logistic nightmare. SWSA has ten tables but even so we were facing a 24h non stop play during the week-end at least. World Snooker Services have come to the rescue! 


Pink Ribbon - WSS

That’s awsome news! But it also means that the tournament director, Clive Brown, and SWSA manager, Andrew Norman, have to rethink both the draw and organisation of the event. Clive and Andrew are unsung heroes. The work they put in this is incredible.

So the revised draw will be out soon hopefully.

Thank you World Snooker Service and thank you Andrew and Clive. 

I have also heard from Andrew that Worldsnooker has agreed for the event to be streamed. That too is great news. Now, wether Andrew will be able to set that up in the middle of everything else, remains to be seen. I’m 1000% certain that he will try his very best to have it done though!

Mark Allen Classic 2019

This one is underway this week-end.

The scores and results can be followed here:

Apparently, despite making a 98, Shaun Murphy has lost 4-1 to an amateur… what’s going on there?

Some matches are streamed here The Mark Allen Classic youtube channel

One thought on “Snooker in July – (Good) News

  1. Yes, excellent effort from WS. I once played in a 24-hour charity event, and after about 15 hours we could hardly pot a ball. It’s much better if the standard of competition is decent, rather than just a circus lottery.

    Elsewhere, the remarkable Zhao Jianbo has won another tournament, this time the ISBF U21, beating Pang Junxu 6-1. Zhao is just like a 15-year old Yan Bingtao, with a dead-eye cue action like Shaun Murphy. He will certainly be a professional next season, being far ahead in the CBSA rankings. The 15-year old Bai Yulu beat Nutcharat Wongharuthai 4-0 in the women’s tournament, and Jiang Jun, aged just 13, caused several upsets to win the U18. The event was played in Shandong and dominated by the Chinese players. Only a few players from Europe travelled there.

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