Pink Ribbon 2019 – Draft draw and Schedule


The Pink Ribbon has attracted a massive turn-up for its 10th Anniversary! This is fantastic news. Over 370 entries, the most ever, and this time a preliminary pro round will be needed as there are more than 32 pro entries! 

This has caused Andrew Norman – the SWSA manager (and defending champion!) – and Clive Brown – the tournament director – a bit of a “draw and schedule” headache but it’s a nice headache to have!

The following draws – amateur rouds only – and schedule are provisional. Every year there are some changes, players who can’t make it, but also players who have entered last minute and not yet in this list. Anyway, here it is!

PinkRibbon2019 - Draw Draft BottomPinkRibbon2019 - Draw Draft TopPinkRibbon2019 - Schedule Draft

You will recognise quite a few names in this draw is you follow the snooker regularly: this is a mix of pure amateurs, former pros, Challenge Tour players, WDBS (Disability) players and WSS Senior players! It has all the ingredients for a great event and … very long days and nights!


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