Night of 1000 Centuries – Leicester, 20 July 2019


It was another great night yesterday in Leicester. Ronnie has four centuries, including a maximum attempt that ended with him going in-off the brown. Shame! Ronnie also played an extra frame to raise funds for the club.

It was lovely to see Patricia Murphy in the white gloves again. Also Joy Woollaston did a stirling job in organising everything.

Regarding the shows: it was Jason’s and Ronnie’s intention to put them on for free, but they were told that this would be a breach of the players contract, even if it’s only after the show and an exhibition. So they had to take the first one down. Jason will try to get Worldsnooker permission for the next ones.

Meanwhile, here are a couple of pictures:

The little boy is Ben Wollaston’s son, Edward.

And the attempted maxi …

Ronnie O’Sullivan – Night of 1,000 centuries (20.07.2019.): Ronnie O’Sullivan 147 attempt

2 thoughts on “Night of 1000 Centuries – Leicester, 20 July 2019

  1. Thank you Monique!
    Let us hope that an agreement can be reached with “snooker authorities” for future recordings (although, I must admit I’m not overly optimistic).

  2. Almost exactly the same thing happened to my practice partner Chris Gill in 1987 when he potted a half-ball blue for his first ever century break, but the cue-ball ran in-off in the middle pocket…

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