Shanghai Amateur Masters 2019 News

The Shanghai Masters starts tomorrow and will feature four Chinese amateur wild cards that have not yet been announced by Worldsnooker at the time of writing.

Browsing weibo, and within the limits of automatic translation, this is the information I could gather.

Two of these wilcards will be CBSA recommanded players: Wu Yize and Zhao Jianbo.

The two others come from the Amateur Masters a competition combined with coaching by Ronnie and Ding. The competition – six reds – was played yesterday. The winner and runner-up, Zhang Yi and Cao Jin, will complete the draw. See Lewis comment here under.

Today they got some coaching from Ding and Ronnie.

Here are a few images shared on weibo:

Ronnie and Ding had a lot of time for the fans and the whole event was played in great spirit. The “pupils” totally enjoyed their coaching.

Other than that, Ronnie posted his first “blog” on weibo … it’s a vlog actually

The draw was made at the start of the welcome ceremony:


Ding v Zhao Jianbo, Gilbert v Cao Jin, Lisowski v Wu Yize, Carter v Zhang Yi.


4 thoughts on “Shanghai Amateur Masters 2019 News

  1. Thank you Lewis! The draw has just been made: it’s Ding v Zhao Jianbo, Gilbert v Cao Jin, Lisowski v Wu Yize, Carter v Zhang Yi. I think Wu has a chance against Lisowski. Similar players, but Wu won’t be jet lagged…

    • Wu Yize may not be jet-lagged, but he has been playing snooker continuously, most recently in Bangkok for the Six-reds. That’s an awful lot for a boy who only turns 16 in October. The Lisowski-Wu game could be fun if Wu doesn’t crash.

      I expect Ding will beat Zhao Jianbo, who turned 16 a couple of weeks ago. The other Chinese players will struggle. If Shaun Murphy is not at full strength Lyu Haotian might have a chance. Unfortunately, the two most dangerous players Yuan Sijun and Zhao Xintong did not qualify. I have a feeling the organisers of this event will be disappointed, and Chinese social media will be very critical.

      • Well Zhang Yi just beat Ali Carter, which I’m very pleased about. Wu crashed and Lyu had no answer to Shaun’s fluent game as you feared.

  2. Zhang Yi beat Cao Jin,4-2 in a six-reds competition featuring 24 players, after coming through regional qualifiers. They will receive a training session from Ronnie O’Sullivan and Ding Junhui tomorrow.

    Zhang Yi is 25, from Changsa, Hunan. He is known in China as ‘Number 1 Changsa Cue’. He played with a borrowed cue. He hasn’t played much snooker since his teens, but plays a lot of 8-ball.

    Cao Jin is a 34-year old from Chongqing. He managed a 75 maximum break in his last-16 match. He claims to be a good potter, but not so good at position play, which makes six-reds quite a suitable format for him. He said that he is really wants to get drawn against Ding Junhui.

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