The South West Snooker Academy is closing…

Paul Mount shared this on the SWSA Facebook page

Message from SWSA owner Paul Mount :

After almost 10 years creating amazing events and memories I have decided to permanently close the South West Snooker Academy (SWSA) and the Capital Venue on 30th November 2019 so that I can use the space for a variety of other things including a private snooker room containing 4 tables.
As I agreed with Barry Hearn many years ago the SWSA to me is like Leighton Orient football club to him; a labour of love which will costs us money and give us lots of fun. When the fun stops it’s time to stop.
There will be one final competition on the weekend of 1st November after which I will be selling most of the assets including the bar, most hardware within the bar, bar stock, 6 star snooker tables, a large number of new snooker cues, sets of G1 snooker balls and catering equipment. A full list of items for sale will be published shortly, including details on how to bid, and each item will be sold to the highest bidder.
I would like to thank all those that supported the SWSA, especially the Pink Ribbon, and trust you have enjoyed your visits to us and have some of your own magical memories from this place.
I would especially like to thank all the staff of SWSA and Capital venue, both the permanent staff and those that have worked casually or volunteered for some of our charitable events. A big “shout out” has to go to Andrew Norman who has been the nucleus of all things snooker for some years and has developed into a first class coach.
The private snooker room will be available to SWSA snooker teams, for their matches and practice, and for invited tour professionals, to practice. Opening times will be limited and I will provide more detailed information to SWSA team captains in a meeting to be organised in the coming weeks.

This is sad news … I don’t really have words to express how it feels right now.

Thank you for the memories, there are so many great ones. Thank you for ten fantastic Pink Ribbons, for the friendship, the laugher, the buzz.

The place, and above all, the SWSA people  … I will be missing you. Badly.

Good luck in your future endeavours.


One thought on “The South West Snooker Academy is closing…

  1. Ooh, what a shame, just very sad that another snooker hotbed is closing down 😢. And no future Pink Ribbon events (was planning to visit one next year and join the fun). All the best for Paul Mount and the SWSA crew.

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