3 thoughts on “David Hendon and Neal Foulds debate the GOAT … in a pub

  1. I agree with them as well. I have little patience for snooker fans who use “# of world titles” as their only criterion for determining who the GOAT is, as if no other considerations matter at all.

    That being said, I might be willing to concede GOAT status to Hendry as long as Ronnie is granted BOAT (best of all time) status, if “greatest” is measured in terms of accomplishments and “best” is measured in terms of skill…

    • I agree Mark but then, GOAT should always go to Joe Davis, which those who brandish Hendry’s 7 World Titles never seem to consider, or dismiss because circumstances were different and they were indeed. But then they were for Hendry too. Hendry won the bulk of his titles, and all but one of his triple crowns before the 1996/97 seson. At the time he was 28 … Ronnie was 21, Higgins and Williams 22 – still very young. Where are the players that young nowadays? What do they win? The three were very talented but even Hendry had to wait to be 21 before winning the big one. And Steve Davis was about to turn 40 (Hendry was 43 when he retired). So what kind of opposition did he have? Not much really. Once Doherty broke his confidence at the Crucible in 1997 he didn’t win much anymore comparatively: only one triple crown. High confidence was what allowed Hendry to do what he did, and, for years, he had about nobody to really challenge it: Steve Davis was struggling and Jimmy White was a maverick and a heavy drinker. The “three” of 92 had to contend with Hendry in his prime, and between them for their whole careeer.

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