Scottish Open 2019 – Ronnie beats James Cahill in the last 64

Ronnie played extremely well in beating James Cahill by 4-0 in the last 64 round of the 2019 Scottish Open. The whole match lasted only just over 32 minutes.


Ronnie had a 97% pot success and missed only one ball of significance. He looked totally focussed at the table, and played all the right shots. This was a very different match from what we had seen yesterday.

This is the report by Worldsnooker:

O’Sullivan’s Sprint Finish

Ronnie O’Sullivan produced a blistering display to beat James Cahill 4-0 in their second round meeting at the Scottish Open in Glasgow.

Astonishingly the win took the Rocket only 32-minutes to complete. He averaged a rapid 12.8 seconds a shot during the tie.

It was a lightening-quick dose of revenge for 44-year-old O’Sullivan, who was knocked out of the World Championship by Cahill back in May, while the Blackpool potter was still an amateur.

Today he made breaks of 93,111 and 86 as he stormed to victory. Next up O’Sullivan plays Martin Gould.

O’Sullivan said: “I feel like I am cueing as well as I have done for years. I’m just enjoying how I am playing and I’m just enjoying hitting balls. It didn’t seem like I was playing at 12 seconds a shot. I thought I was playing slower. I came out and tried to play a bit more conservatively as I have been a bit too attacking.”

Tai Chegzhe was on the ball again! Thank you Tai for these great images.



ES Preview of the evening session with Ronnie’s interview about his career and approach

ES Review of the match, with Ronnie post match interview

There was a lot of criticism on social media for the way Ronnie wanted to “greet the referee at the start of the match. Personally I didn’t see any disrespect in it, they shook hands afterwards anyway. The referee clearly was a bit surprised and it was a bit awkward but, Ronnie did the same at the end of the match and this time, the ref just took it with a smile. To me it’s all about to make things a bit less formal and serious, and why not? It doesn’t harm anyone and Ronnie was dead serious and all business at the table until the match was well and truly won.

Ronnie will now play Martin Gould this afternoon, and, should he win, possibly Joe Perry next.

3 thoughts on “Scottish Open 2019 – Ronnie beats James Cahill in the last 64

  1. I laughed when Ronnie fouled on the pink at the end of the 3rd frame, when he had both feet off the floor. I appreciate the humor he brings to the game, whether intended or not.

    On that note, I’m kinda surprised that he has never smashed open the pack of reds on the break-off shot, just for fun…

  2. Yes, he put a stop to this exhibition nonsense soon enough not to dig himself in too far. Exhibitions soon become more boring than anything.

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