A 25 December message

25 December

Today is December 25 … most Christians celebrate Christmas, and Jews are in the middle of Hanukkah celebrations as well. To all my friends, and readers who celebrate today …

Happy Celebrations!

Laila Rouass, Ronnie’s partner, who is a Muslim, with some Jewish ancestry, living with an agnostic, with Catholic upbringing shared this on social media:


Many, from different beliefs, or without religious beliefs, still take the opportunity to gather with friends and family, to wish they the best, to share a meal and or a drink, to tell them they love them …

Enjoy the day with your loved ones!

And, unfortunately, many  also will be lonely, will be struggling, with themselves or with circumstances. One such person is Paul Collier whose mother suffered a severe stroke yesterday, and is very ill. Paul spent his “Christmas night sat in hospital, at her side, holding her hand. News this morning are a bit better, she’s improving. Of course we wish Paul’s mother, and the whole family the very best.

If you know such a person, take a moment for them today.

I takes only small things. Invite the elderly neighbour for a cuppa, phone a lonely friend, buy the young beggar a sandwich … anything, just one gesture and a smile, it doesn’t cost much.

If you are such a person, don’t go into your shell

It’s ok to struggle, everyone does at times. Try to get out and treat yourself to something nice. Listen to music, watch a good film, take a long walk …. and talk. Call a friend, someone you trust, or chat with them, you won’t be a burden. If you are offered help, don’t run away from it. And if someone unkwowingly hurts your feelings with untimely, unwanted wishes, remember that they weren’t meaning ill.

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  1. Hi Monique

    I can only imagine the time and effort required to maintain such an elaborate website, and on behalf of all your followers, thank you.

    Wishing you and your loved ones a very merry Christmas, and a happy New Year.

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