2020 Shoot Out – Day 1

OK … the Shoot Out circus started yesterday, and, if it wasn’t ranking, I wouldn’t mind it. Some of the “matches” were quite entertaining and the crowd wasn’t too bad. A bit silly but nothing nasty. Also, it’s good to see some players that we otherwise, never get to watch.

Here is the report on WST:

Nutcharut Wongharuthai’s hopes of becoming the first woman to win a televised ranking event match were put to the the hammer by Thor Chuan Leong on day one of the BetVictor Shoot Out in Watford.

In this unique format all matches are played within a single frame and Thailand’s Wongharuthai looked to have started well as she broke off and left the cue ball close to the baulk cushion. But that proved her only shot as Malaysia’s Leong knocked in a long red and went on to compile a magnificent 133 total clearance. Reanne Evans is the second female wild card among the field of 128 and she faces Ian Burns on Friday.

Defending champion Thepchaiya Un-Nooh made a break of 42 as he saw off Alex Borg. But there were several big name casualties as Mark Selby, Mark Allen and Stuart Bingham were all beaten.

Three-time World Champion Selby lost to Sunny Akani while Allen was knocked out by Luo Honghao. Bingham led Andrew Pagett 41-37 with just a few seconds to go but amateur Pagett crashed in a long red to set up a match-winning break of 9.

In the most exciting match of the day, Daniel Wells beat Bai Langning in a sudden death blue ball shoot out. Wells made 54 then Bai replied with 72 before missing the final blue. Wells potted blue, pink and black to leave the score tied at 72-72, then potted the extra blue at the second attempt.

Si Jiahui suffered a similar fate to Bai as he made a break of 62 but still lost to Xiao Guodong. Two-time Shoot Out finalist Xiao made a 37 then cleared with 27 to snatch victory.

Chang Bingyu made a superb 120 to beat Iulian Boiko. Kyren Wilson and Michael White were tied 24-24 with less than a minute to go before Wilson potted red, yellow and red for victory.

Mark Williams got the better of Luca Brecel while 18-year-old Scottish amateur Dean Young knocked out David Grace. In the last match of the day, Matthew Stevens ended the hopes of crowd favourite Jimmy White.

Ronnie was “behind the counter” in the evening

As you can hear the atmosphere is pretty relaxed. Ronnie was full of praise for Chang Bingyu, who he played in practice a couple of years ago, and for Mink, comparing her to Steve Davis. Unfortunately, the young Thai played only one shot in the competition.

It was also a bit weird, and funny, to hear Matthew Stevens saying that he actually wanted JImmy to beat him…

Here is the 133 by Thor Chuan Leong, who hadn’t won a match so far this season.

And the 120 by Chang Bingyu

And this was probably the most exciting match of the day, with a dramatic finish: Daniel Wells v Bai Langning


4 thoughts on “2020 Shoot Out – Day 1

  1. OK, Ronnie entered, he needs the points, and he won’t say that, fine. But he was given up the high ball whether or not its being a ranking event is unfair to people who might lose out on the Crucible, and from someone who is so ready to criticize tournaments, organizers, it is a little surprising to defend this event as a ranking one. Unless he thinks it is good this way, which would also be disappointing. Of course, he still might lose out on the Players Championship because of it and might think he is not in a position to say it is unfair, but still…

    On a different note, I was sad that I couldn’t see more of Mink.

    • Hello Csilla, I do understand where you are coming from, but I think there is one aspect you are overlooking: This is an Eurosport tournament, they are the main broadcaster. The Eurosport team surely hasto “big” the event as much as they can, and surely can’t and won’t crticize it. It’s their part of job and Ronnie is part of the Eurosport team. Now in his post-match, that I will post in a bit, Ronnie said that he would take it if he won this one, but would try to win another one. And in an interview with betvictor, he just refuses to give a definite opinion on the event, other than it’s fun and he’s happy to play.

  2. Yes the one benefit of this circus is it gives lesser-known players a bit of glory, something other than losing scrappy matches on outside tables. Unfortunately two players who we were hoping to see, Boiko and Mink, hardly played a shot. Rory Thor played the most perfect frame of his professional career, and his only ‘win’ this season.

    There are remarkable photographs of Ronnie at the CBSA Academy, surrounded by Chinese boys, many of whom are now professional players. People often overlook that stars like Ronnie and Hendry have visited academies and played practice matches against young players, are aware of the talent and do their bit to encourage them. Unfortunately the system usually crushes them. At least the Shoot-out has tended to favour young players (Paul Davison notwithstanding) rather than the nostalgia (e.g. Welsh Open).

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