16 players announced for the 2020 World Championship qualifiers

This was published by WPBSa today:


WPBSA Qualifiers Announced for 2020 World Snooker Championship

11th March 2020

Snooker’s world governing body the World Professional Billiards and Snooker Association (WPBSA) and the World Snooker Tour (WST) have today announced the 16 amateur qualifiers selected to play at next month’s Betfred World Snooker Championship in Sheffield.

To be held at the English Institute for Sport from 8-15 April 2020, the qualifying rounds for this year’s World Championship will again be contested by main tour players not ranked inside of the world’s top 16 following this month’s Tour Championship, who will be joined by 16 elite amateur players to complete the draw.

The qualifying tournament will be run under an all-new format which will see those players seeded 17-48 needing to win two matches to join the world’s top 16 at the iconic Crucible Theatre. Remaining players will be required to win up to four matches to play on snooker’s greatest stage.

The 16 amateur players selected by the WPBSA have each earned their places on the basis of their performances at international amateur events including this year’s World Snooker Federation tournaments and Challenge Tour.

  1. Ashley Hugill – WSF Open champion, Challenge Tour number one ranked player, winner of two Challenge Tour events 2019/20, made maximum break at Challenge Tour event. Joins WST 2020/21 season.
  2. Gao Yang – WSF Junior Open champion, leading Chinese junior, Joins WST 2020/21 season.
  3. Lukas Kleckers – Won WST Place at Challenge Tour and winner of one Challenge Tour event. Joins WST 2020/21 season.
  4. Iuilan Boiko – WSF Open runner-up (aged 14).
  5. Sean Maddocks – WSF Junior Open runner-up, youngest player to make officially recognised maximum break.
  6. Dean Young – Challenge Tour Event Winner, WST Shoot Out last 32.
  7. Saudi Arabian Champion/No.1 – Saudi Arabia Sports Development Invite.
  8. Challenge Tour Play-Off Winner TBC – Winner of Challenge Tour play-off, Joins WST 2020/21 season.
  9. Reanne Evans – World Women’s Snooker No.1 ranked player and reigning world women’s champion.
  10. Ng On Yee – World Women’s Snooker No.2 ranked player and 2020 Belgian Women’s Open champion.
  11. Nutcharut Wongharuthai – World Women’s Snooker No.3 ranked player, first female player to make a verified maximum break, World Women’s Snooker Championship runner-up 2019.
  12. Aaron Hill – European Under-18 Championship winner 2019 & 2020, Shoot Out last 32, WSF Junior Open semi-finalist
  13. European Under-21 Championship winner TBC (10-14 March 2020)
  14. Cody Turner – Oceania Under-21 Championship Winner
  15. Ross Bulman – WST Shoot Out Last 32, German Masters performance beating Barry Hawkins.
  16. Wu Yize – WSF Junior Open semi-finalist

All players selected will appear subject to acceptance of their place and any travel restrictions in place. Any replacement players will be selected from a reserve list to include performances at World Snooker Federation and Challenge Tour events.

Good to see that this year the main focus is on young players. Good luck to them all!

6 thoughts on “16 players announced for the 2020 World Championship qualifiers

  1. I see that Ronnie announced that he’ll be doing a meet and greet event in Sheffield the night before the WC starts, which presumably means that he’s planning to enter the WC itself…

    • He’s also doing an exhibition the day before. So, yes, probaly he will enter it, but how focussed he will be, I’m not sure.

      • Ronnie’s unpredictable, of course, but I’ll be surprised if he doesn’t at least take it seriously and play proper snooker. Unless his family life is causing major problems, I expect him to feel like his season will have been a waste/failure if he doesn’t produce something positive at the Crucible, and I expect that feeling to motivate him to play well.

        Then again, I suppose we can’t know for sure that he cares whether his season was a success or failure…

        One wildcard in Ronnie’s future is whether and how he will respond to Judd’s rise to the top of the game. Will that make Ronnie want to try harder, will it make him decide that it’s not worth trying, or will it have no impact on him whatsoever…?

    • This amazes me. Ronnie is on record as saying that he has OCD when it comes to germs, eschewing direct contact with both people and inanimate objects (door handles etc). As someone with a similar disposition, I can assure you that I would not be considering a meet-and-greet in the middle of a pandemic! Ronnie should call it quits for this season and come back strong when all this blows over; a poor showing (that is likely, increasingly so) at the Worlds would hurt confidence badly and be counter-productive, ultimately. Why not build up gradually starting next season?

      • I don’t think it’s his decision entirely. I remember him saying that what events he plays in is discussed with his sponsor(s). They probably will want him there.

  2. They should probably have a reserve list! I can imagine some of those players won’t be able to make it, given what has happened in Gibraltar, and the ages of several of them. I suppose Mike Judge and Darren Morgan are always available if any top-ups are needed…

    Wu Yize recently posted a video of him making a 147 in 4 minutes 32 seconds, but he hasn’t yet qualified as a professional for next season. I assume he and Gao still have VISAs from the WSF tournaments, which might give them a chance to get into the UK, perhaps with a quarantine or self-isolation period.

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