The 2020 Tour Championship behind closed doors

This was published by WST just minutes ago

Following today’s advice from the UK Government, there will be no access for fans at this week’s Coral Tour Championship.

At 5pm today the government advised the public to avoid pubs, clubs, theatres and other such social venues. We have reacted to this advice with the decision to close the doors at Venue Cymru in Llandudno to all fans.

We realise this will be disappointing to fans but we must act according to the latest government advice.

So it will be closed doors again…

The venue is getting ready though…

This decision probably means that the World Championship will be either postponed or cancelled. Of course the television stages could be played behind closed doors. It would still be difficult. It’s still 32 players, plus officials, media, television crew, theatre staff , plus probably still fans gathering outside. The one this week is only 8 players.

But the qualifiers, that are only three weeks away, certainly can’t happen. With 128 players, 12/14 tables, most of them in use simultaneously,  an army of fitters, officials  and referees, surely this one can’t go ahead. as it stands and the recommandations are very unlikely change for the better by April 8.  Also the English Institute of Sports will surely be closed to the public, so having the snooker there would require that they provide at least some staff, cleaners, paremedics on duty and some catering because the place isn’t exactly central.. I can’t see it.