Do you love a snooker quiz?

Both to keep himself busy and provide snooker players and fans with some distraction, John Hunter from Cuestars created ‘The Big Fat Snooker Quiz’.

John started this a few days ago and each coming day a set of ten questions will be added. John has  made a commitment to keep this going until snooker’s back!

Here’s the link to the quiz: The Big Fat Snooker Quiz

Email addresses are not shown and players can enter anonymously.

The quizzes are “timed”, you won’t be able to start looking up for answers on the Internet and complete them.

Also, once you have taken a quiz, that’s it, you can’t retake it. But each quizz has a theme, so you can do some reading before taking them and get prepared. In this lockdown, there is the opportunity for a topic to be researched before the questions are taken.

There is an order of merit for each quiz. The idea is to make a competition of it.

After some time – probably a couple of weeks – quizzes will be closed, the answers revealed and new quizzes will become available.

Enjoy! Thank you John!

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