Easter in 2020 …


To all of you who celebrate Easter today  (*) …

Have a great day, stay safe, stay in contact with those you love, enjoy something nice.

If you have the luxury to be in lockdown …

Read, listen to music, cook, do some gardening outside or inside, walk/run/cycle alone in the woods, on the beach, or just sit and appreciate the silence and the peace … whatever suits you. And think about those who work on the frontline, and risk their health and life to save others. Don’t do anything daft that could endanger yourself and others.

If you are a frontline worker … from the heart

Thank you!

(*) Orthodox Easter is next weekend this year


2 thoughts on “Easter in 2020 …

  1. Same to you, Monique and everyone stay safe, be sensible, don’t endanger anyone and don’t make anyone’s life or work more difficult than it already is!

  2. Well, just enjoyed a nice Easter egg, not sure if that counts. Not mention my age though !
    Enjoyed the pic s of Greece on previous post. Have the best Easter you can. B

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