10 Ronnie O’Sullivan’s greatest achievements


The third ionstaltment of  Desmond Kane’s “10 best”  is out and it’s about Ronnie’s ten best achievements

All-time top 10: What are Ronnie O’Sullivan’s greatest achievements?

Well … to answer that last question, my answer is no.

There is no way that the fastest 147 is Ronnie’s greatest achievement. It may be his most “iconic” career moment, but not his greatest achievement. That, to me, was to win the 2013 World title after taking a (nearly) full season off.

Similarly, the 1000th century surely isn’t a greater achievement than beating Davis’ and Hendry’s records of UK titles, and Triple Crown titles respectively. The latter isn’t even in Desmond list, how come?

Also, in terms of career significance, the 2012 German Masters win was a real turning point. Ronnie was full of doubts, and he was in ill health. He needed to win that tournament in order to avoid having to qualify for the Crucible. It was a titanic effort under the highest of pressure. It’s probably his most remarkable achievement on par with winning the 2013 World Championship.

4 thoughts on “10 Ronnie O’Sullivan’s greatest achievements

  1. Well, I can’t really get to grips with “Top 10…” things,as you know. In terms of records or achievements, yes the back-to-back world championships after a sabbatical might never happen again. The others will probably all be beaten, so I would agree with you.

  2. I would add a few things to the list:

    1. 18 seasons with at least one Triple Crown title

    Davis and Hendry are in 2nd place, at 10 seasons each

    2. 75.15% career match winning percentage

    John Higgins is in 2nd place, at 69.34%

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