There will be snooker at the Crucible in July …

This was shared today by the BBC 

BBC Crucible announcement

Once again, it’s all well and nice, but unless the World Championship becomes a top 16 event, the qualifiers need to happen first, and it’s an even bigger challenge. The tournament scheduled to start on June 1, may give an indication of whether it’s actually possible to play the qualifiers, and how. However, a “best of 19” event with 128 players is certainly much more difficult to run safely than a “best of 5” event with 64 players. Also, I expect WPBSA to insist that a fair solution is found for those who will not be able to attend because of travel restrictions, and, maybe in some cases, health conditions that would put them at a higher risk than the average person. It would be totally unfair if players were relegated without a chance to defend their professional status by no fault of themselves.