Championship League Snooker – Groups C and D

Ronnie’s run in the CLS 2020, came to an end at the hands of Stuart Bingham who beat him by 3-0 in the fifth match of the last 16 Group C.

Ronnie played very well all week, he won 5 matches out of the 6 he played, won 15 frames out of the 19 he played, and made 4 centuries, but still came third in that group! Group C was very hard fought: Ronnie, Stuart Bingham and Sam Craigie all won two matches and lost one: Sam beat Stuart, Ronnie beat Sam, Stuart beat Ronnie. Had Ronnie taken one frame from Stuart, he would have come first, as it is, he came third. It was that close. Ronnie looked in control in frame 2, but missed a tricky green at power, having to cross the whole length of the table to get position on the next red. He missed the green but unfortunately for him got the position right. Stuart needed no second invitation. In the third and last, he was in and with a decent table, when he missed a black off the spot. His reaction showed both his frustration and the awareness that this was probably his last shot in the tournament.

Here are yesterday’s results:

And here is WST report:

Stuart Bingham beat Ronnie O’Sullivan 3-0 in the crucial match in Group C of the Matchroom.Live Championship League to book a place in the Tournament Finals.

Tuesday 9 Jun 2020 09:28PM

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O’Sullivan started the day by beating Harvey Chandler 3-0 and Sam Craigie 3-1, and at that point had won 15 of the 16 frames he had contested in the tournament, making four centuries and eight more breaks over 50.

Bingham, meanwhile, lost 3-1 to Craigie and beat Chandler 3-0, meaning that only a 3-0 win over O’Sullivan would guarantee top spot in the group. And that’s just what the Basildon cueman achieved as he beat his fellow Essex player for the first time since the 2015 World Championship.

A break of 71 gave Bingham the opening frame tonight, then in the second he came from 65-21 down to snatch it with an excellent 51 clearance.  And a run of 75 in the third put Masters champion Bingham into Thursday’s concluding group.

“I knew I needed to win 3-0 to top the group,” said Bingham. “I took my chances. Who would have thought it after my first game between me and Sam? We were struggling to pot a ball between us. But I got it going when it mattered. I’m happy with the performance. I have three more games now on Thursday and I’ll have to play like that to have any chance.

Joining him will be Ben Woollaston, who topped Group D thanks to another late turnaround. Leicester’s Woollaston lost his opening tie against Martin O’Donnell 3-1 but recovered in tremendous style by beating Tom Ford 3-0 with three consecutive centuries, 134, 101 and 127, scoring 375 points without reply.

That left him needing to win his third match against Liang Wenbo while hoping that, on the other table, O’Donnell would lose to Ford.

World number 38 Woollaston rose to the challenge by beating Liang 3-0 with a top run of 68. O’Donnell, meanwhile, lost his last two frames against Ford and his 3-1 defeat ended his hopes.

“It’s amazing,” said Woollaston. “I went into my last match thinking I would come second, so I was surprised when I came off that I was through. I went 2-0 up and knew that guaranteed me second. I thought about coming out just to look at the score but I didn’t because I didn’t want to know.

“After beating Tom I had a few messages because I’m not really known for lots of centuries, so it was quite funny to do that. Both tables have been perfect today, so if you played badly it was your own fault.

Groups A and B will be played on Wednesday, with the two winners to make up Thursday’s final stage alongside Bingham and Woollaston.

Also, I’m glad to see Ben Woollaston doing well. After he made it to the final at the Welsh Open 2015, I thought that he would breakthrough, but he didn’t. Quite the opposite, he has gone missing for the best of five years. He has recently started working with Sightright and, hopefully, that will help him. He certainly has the potential.

I saw nothing from that group. By the time it was 11pm where I am they had only played two matches… I’m not sure what the solution should be, and I DO understand that every player is different and has their own natural pace, but this is not helping to promote the sport. Some situations, some shots ask for more thinking time, but surely not every single one of them.

Here are Ronnie’s matches:

Vs Harvey Chandler:

Vs Sam Craigie:

Vs Stuart Bingham:

Despite the defeat, I enjoyed watching Ronnie. He was focused, his attitude was good, he didn’t play rash shots.

Here is Ronnie’s reaction after his defeat

Ronnie O’Sullivan wants five more years of lockdown as he crashes out of Championship League

Ronnie O’Sullivan requested that lockdown last another five years on the day he crashed out of Championship League Snooker after a shock 3-0 defeat to Stuart Bingham.

The Rocket was looking in sublime form in the Milton Keynes event, winning all of his first group stage matches 3-0 and then opening up his second group with another 3-0 victory over Harvey Chandler on Tuesday.

The 44-year-old dropped his first frame of the tournament in his next match, but a 3-1 win over the impressive Sam Craigie meant he just needed a draw against Bingham to progress to the final group.

However, the 2015 world champion seized on a couple of O’Sullivan errors and made breaks of 71, 51 and 75 to pinch top spot in the group and progress.

O’Sullivan will not have been happy to lose, and looked close to damaging his cue in frustration after a missed black in the third frame, but he will be pleased to have left Milton Keynes and to return home.

I’ve really been enjoying the lockdown, I’ve had the best three months of my life,’ said O’Sullivan beating Chandler.

Talking about snooker and talking about this and that..I want the lockdown to go on for another five years if it can!

You never quite know how far O’Sullivan’s tongue is in his cheek, but he did mention how much he had enjoyed being at home before his second round matches as well.

Got to be off me head coming here, haven’t I? I’ve been sat in my room for 24 hours, O’Sullivan told Eurosport.

I done 16 hours in a cell once, and it was better cause I got to choose my own food. But listen it gets you out of the house, but I’ve enjoyed being at home. It’s good fun.’

Bingham, in contrast, was delighted to progress after he lost his first match to Craigie and ended up needed to whitewash the Rocket to make the next stage.

I knew I needed to win 3-0 to top the group,’ said Bingham.

I got it going when it mattered. I took my chances when they come. Happy to be through. I have to play like that to have any chance in the final.

Bingham joins Ben Woollaston in the final group after the Leicester cueman turned in a superb display to win his group on Tuesday, bouncing back from defeat to Martin O’Donnell to whitewash Tom Ford and Liang Wenbo to progress.

The 3-0 win over Ford saw Woollaston rattle in breaks of 134, 101 and 127 in the performance of the tournament.

Two more groups are played on Wednesday to decide the remaining two places in Thursday’s final group, with Judd Trump and Gary Wilson favourites to progress.

4 thoughts on “Championship League Snooker – Groups C and D

  1. The commentators said Bingham was chatting to Ronnie at the practice table – obvious sabotage / put him off!
    lol just kidding of course.

    It’s been an alright tournament. Watching Ronnie is always a joy, too bad it couldn’t have lasted longer.


    BTW Since it was partly the tournament’s goal, I’m curious if anyone has seen any rating information shared? I saw ITV tweeted that their first day was just under 400k viewers.

    I checked a few hashtags via getdaytrends and saw a few players trended.

    #snooker trended once at #49 on June 1

    #ChampionshipLeague trended on June 1 starting 16h at #33 – 41 – 44 – 42 – 48 (20h)

    Judd Trump trended once on June 1 at #27 at 19h

    Neil Robertson trended twice on June 8, reaching #19 (16h) and #21 (17h)

    Ronnie O’Sullivan trended on June 5 from 16h to 22h [#6 – 10 – 15 – 24(19h) – 14 – 12 – 16]

    Martin O’Donnell got as high as #27 at 2h yesterday (#30 at 1h)

    Sam Craigie trended at #12 both at 23h and 0h

  2. It’s always likely in a tournament with this format. To guarantee qualification you have to win the 3 matches, which is no easy task over just 4 frames.

    However, Ronnie won easily against Hirani, Georgiou, Wakelin, Chandler and Craigie – opponents who are almost guaranteed to choke as soon as they saw the draw. Ronnie has shown that he can pick up a cue and make nice 100’s with hardly any practice, but there’s no indication he can win tight matches in a proper tournament.

    Nevertheless, it was enjoyable to watch him, and the purpose of this tournament anyway is just to provide some enjoyment, some revenue, and the test out procedures for the serious events to follow.

    As for slow and boring matches, the solution is what they have been doing for years: have more than 1 table. But they need to pick the matches, and if necessary switch coverage to other tables. They have shown a few shots from Table 2, so it is possible, but I’m afraid the production has been too rigid and too limited. The broadcasters need to do better.

  3. Just needed 1 frame against Bingham…
    And the high break should be the deciding factor there…

    2nd frame was a bad one.
    Some bad positional shots.
    That bad positional shot from red to green was absurd…

    For me it’s hard to understand how he lost the cue ball million times despite he played 4 frames before that match.

    Bingham is a lucky man to win his first group and this group.

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