World Championship 2020 – Mark Williams leads Ronnie by 6-2 after the first session of their QF match

Mark Williams played very much the way he played to win the 2018 World Championship this afternoon and he did build a good lead over Ronnie in their first session.

Here are the numbers


The first mini-session was shared, both players playing well, and it seemed at that point that this would be a close match. But it all changed after the MSI. Mark won the first frame of the second mini session. It was a scrappy, disjointed affair. Mark is one of the best at winning this sort of frames. He doesn’t mind picking balls one by one. He played better and better after that, keeping Ronnie cold in his chair for most of the time, and when Ronnie came at the table, more often than not, things were awkward. Mark took full advantage … as he should.

It will be hard for Ronnie to recover from this deficit unless Mark Williams’ level drops a bit. It’s just as well that this session came to an end. They will resume tomorrow afternoon.

And before anyone gets their knickers in a twist, Ronnie didn’t play recklessly, nor did he rush things as the AST above shows. As much as I want Ronnie to win this match, as a snooker fan, I could only admire and enjoy Mark’s skills on display.

This is the account by Phil Haigh and a good accurate one

Ronnie O’Sullivan struggling against brilliant Mark Williams at World Snooker Championship

Ronnie O’Sullivan is in a spot of bother in his World Snooker Championship quarter-final, trailing Mark Williams 6-2 after the first session at the Crucible.

The Rocket hardly played badly over the opening eight frames, but Williams was in excellent form as he took the imposing lead in a race to 13.

The Welshman took the first frame with a break of 70 but O’Sullivan appeared to be near his brilliant best as he took the next two with breaks of 101 and 70, without Williams scoring a single point.

However, few would have bet on it, but that was the last from the five-time world champion would win in the session as Williams reeled off the next five.

The next two were relatively scrappy affairs compared to the first three frames, but then the Welsh Potting Machine really hit his stride, making 72, 56 and 130 to storm into a four-frame lead.

The three-time world champion was looking as good as he has done since he last won the World Championship in 2018, and if he continues that form then it will be a very difficult road back for the Rocket.

This is the fifth time Williams and O’Sullivan have met in the World Championship and the Englishman has won the previous four.

The Welsh Potting Machine has not beaten the Rocket in a ranking event since the 2014 International Championship, so history remains on the side of O’Sullivan as he looks to fight back into the match over the next two sessions.

11 thoughts on “World Championship 2020 – Mark Williams leads Ronnie by 6-2 after the first session of their QF match

  1. I agree with you! Today is another day… Another world i would day and everything is possible in the crucible! We have nothing to criticise to ronnie, just hoping that today run of the balls is a bit more favorable. Snooker is a hard Game and all is about believe. If you have the talent and strong Will things might change quickly. I am not resigned yet. The hurdle is huge but i have faith. The answer in some hours… Just be all prepared to suffer….

  2. I think Ronnie’s true target to beat Reardon’s record. So – to 2022 – this is just a ‘practice’ for Ronnie, and bonus every stats. This year maybe a maximum is the last deal.

  3. It’s all fine, Ronnie beat Ding and that’s what matters to me. If I had to choose one player to lose against it would have been MJW. The guy is a legend, cool as can be. Haven’t even watched it today cuz was busy and it came too early to that festivity for the soul that hapened last nite, as Csilla felt as well.

  4. The only chance is to win the 2nd session. Doesn’t matter the scoreline: 5-3 at least.
    4-4 is not enough I think.

    Of course he needs to find his really really best game

    • When anwered Williams’ 70 with 101 and 70 I thought he is here to do the business but lsot his focus from frame 4 completely.

    • To Monique:
      yes, but I think the 4th frame was a massive one including that missed long pot which one was unmissable.
      WIlliams looked a bit flat there.

      Sadly Ronnie was unable to win at least one from 2-1 up but it’s a very long match and if there is any event where 2-6 is not the end of the world, the event is the World Championship

  5. This was a very painful affair. I wasn’t ready for it after flying high yesterday and maybe Ronnie was not either. Ronnie potted some crackers and unfortunately missed some balls he would not usually, otherwise it could be a much more even score. As it is, right now I hope Trump loses and then I won’t care who wins, as I don’t really think it is possible to come back against such a good player as Mark Williams. (Of course, he did it against Trump, but that was a rare magic.)

    • Ronnie has been missing such balls in the previous matches as well. But so did his opponents too. Willo didn’t miss after the MSI, and the longer it went, the colder and devoid of rhythm Ronnie became which in turn made things more difficult when he came at the table. I’m just pleased with his attitude and hoping that maybe tomorrow is a different day …

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