The 2020 UK Championship – Olivier Marteel honoured

Olivier Marteel will be the referee in charge of the 2020 UK Championship final. 

Olivier Martell coronavirus

Olivier is a nurse in Belgium, that’s his day job. He usually works in the radiology department. When the covid-19 first wave hit our country in the spring , Olivier volunteered to work on the frontline. This is a picture he shared with Jan Verhaaas at the time.

It’s a very difficult and dangerous job, made even more difficult by the heavy PPE equipment.

Olivier missed the 2020 World Championship, giving priority to his duties as a carer

Now, WST and WPBSA wanted to honour him: he will be the man in the middle come Sunday.


Congratulations Olivier, enjoy! Nobody deserves it more than you.

Here is a video shared by WST. Rob Walker interviews Olivier …