More events to be held in Milton Keynes in 2021 …

This was announced by WST this afternoon 

This season’s BetVictor German Masters, BetVictor Shoot Out and WST Pro Series will all be staged at Arena MK in Milton Keynes.

The dates for these events are as follows:

BetVictor German Masters: January 27 to 31
BetVictor Shoot Out: February 4-7
WST Pro Series: January 18-24, March 9-17, and March 18-19 OR March 20-21

WST had hoped to stage the BetVictor German Masters in Berlin, but this has now been ruled out due to Covid-19 restrictions.

Milton Keynes has staged a succession of tournaments since June 2020. The facilities at Arena MK, including an on-site hotel, allow strict Covid-19 guidelines to be followed, keeping the health and safety of the players, contractors and officials as the highest priority.

Announcements on venues for the other tournaments to be staged in early 2021 will follow in due course.

Fans who had bought tickets for the BetVictor German Masters at the Tempodrom in Berlin will be contacted by email with the options of transferring their tickets to the 2022 German Masters or receiving a voucher for alternative future events


So there will be no visit at the Tempodrom this season, no cheers from the great German fans, and the Shoot Out without a crowd will be very weird. Actually, I can’t make any sense of the decision to keep that Shoot Out in the calendar. You will tell me that it’s an earning opportunity for the players. Sure, but this particular event only “works” – to an extend – because of the crowd. I watched about half an hour of the Darts at Ally Pally this year, and the fake, pretty monotonous, crowd noise in the bakground quicly annoyed me.

2 thoughts on “More events to be held in Milton Keynes in 2021 …

  1. Earlier this year I was thinking seriously about going to the shoot-out in 2021. I scrapped that plan a long time ago. I can’t imagine the shoot-out without a crowd, even if the friday night gang is a bit too much for me. How do you build excitement towards the end of a close frame? It will be flat and anti-climatic.

    Maybe you could get the other players spread out around the table to cheer their mates on? Would be better than nothing. Get a bar in there, pour some pints, and the players who are out or done for the day would probably stick around.

  2. Well I would think a change to the Shoot-out is actually very welcome! If they have imagination, they can make something of it. Perhaps hook up a number of young fans to each match via Zoom to provide background interaction. But I don’t expect it… Imagination doesn’t come easily. They’ll probably just have flashing lights and pop music, you know: ‘modern’.

    Look, they have to keep the remainder of the calendar intact for contractual reasons, and because of the ranking system. I expect the same to happen with Gibraltar, probably using a flat 128 draw, and the Welsh Open. The only thing to be considered is whether the World Championship qualifiers use best-of-11 matches.

    I’ve now received the e-mail from ‘seetickets’ offering a refund for the Masters, or potentially the same ticket to be carried forward to 2022, assuming we’re out of restrictions by then…

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