2021 Shoot Out … more withdrawals

Here is WST annoucement:

Five more players have withdrawn from this event, and they have been replaced with a straight swap in the draw with the next available players on the Q School 2020 Order of Merit, as follows:

Chen Zifan replaced by Haydon Pinhey (M41)
Si Jiahui replaced by John Astley (M8)
Zhao Xintong replaced by Hamim Hussain (M50)
Chang Bingyu replaced by Alex Clenshaw (M57)
Ashley Hugill replaced by Phil O’Kane (M53)

Click here for the draw as of February 3rd

Click here for the format

It’s going well …

2 thoughts on “2021 Shoot Out … more withdrawals

  1. According to snooker.org, Kyren Wilson and Kurt Maflin is out as well. It’s becoming quite an open field. Would be fun with a female winner. Or a mainland european. Or Jimmy White.

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