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Yesterday evening, for only the second time since I started this blog in the summer of 2015, I blocked someone from commenting. I hate doing that. My generation, the “flower power” one, fought for freedom, and freedom of speech. Altough this ended up in “political correctness nonsense” – which I hate – I still believe in, and value, freedom of speech.

The right to voice an opinion though, isn’t the right to be agressive, insulting, and a bully. I will not tolerate that.

That person has been all of this, and I have been very patient, maybe even for too long.

Yesterday, that person, in a comment that I have “unapproved” branded Jordan Brown a “lowlife”. That definitely crossed the line for me.

Jordan Brown is a young man, who dreamed to be a snooker player from a young age. He got on the tour in 2009/10. He didn’t succeed. He continued to work on his game, whilst finding day jobs to earn a living. Three years ago, he was working in a garage, on a low salary. He was also practicing hard. He got back on the tour. Last August he qualified for the Crucible, three weeks ago he reached a quarter-finals stage for the first time, two day ago, he became a ranking event winner, having beaten Mark Selby, Stephen Maguire and Ronnie on his way to the title. Far from being a “lowlife”, he’s an inspiration and someone many youngsters should look up to. 


5 thoughts on “Important reminder about this blog

  1. Jordan brown comes across as a lovely bloke , just someone venting. most snooker fans love an outsider popping up what makes the game great

  2. Wise decision, Monique. Here in Belarus it is not a common practice to use such an “industrial” language publicly. Not sure about Great Britan, though, but I find it a bit disturbing to constantly read about “low life”, “shit”, “crap” etc. 😂
    And I would like to tell one thing very briefly. I have been closely following this blog for 3 or 4 years. Unfortunately, my comments here have been very thin on the ground so far as family and children take a lot out of you. But I’ve always felt so much respect and admiration for you, Monique. You’ve certainly been doing a great job as I find your articles and pieces of information very interesting ones. Pity that don’t know you in person….Best wishes.

  3. Well said Monique. The way Jordan played deserves respect and he thoroughly deserved his success.

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