Important reminder about this blog

Yesterday evening, for only the second time since I started this blog in the summer of 2015, I blocked someone from commenting. I hate doing that. My generation, the “flower power” one, fought for freedom, and freedom of speech. Altough this ended up in “political correctness nonsense” – which I hate – I still believe in, and value, freedom of speech.

The right to voice an opinion though, isn’t the right to be agressive, insulting, and a bully. I will not tolerate that.

That person has been all of this, and I have been very patient, maybe even for too long.

Yesterday, that person, in a comment that I have “unapproved” branded Jordan Brown a “lowlife”. That definitely crossed the line for me.

Jordan Brown is a young man, who dreamed to be a snooker player from a young age. He got on the tour in 2009/10. He didn’t succeed. He continued to work on his game, whilst finding day jobs to earn a living. Three years ago, he was working in a garage, on a low salary. He was also practicing hard. He got back on the tour. Last August he qualified for the Crucible, three weeks ago he reached a quarter-finals stage for the first time, two day ago, he became a ranking event winner, having beaten Mark Selby, Stephen Maguire and Ronnie on his way to the title. Far from being a “lowlife”, he’s an inspiration and someone many youngsters should look up to. 


5 thoughts on “Important reminder about this blog

  1. Jordan brown comes across as a lovely bloke , just someone venting. most snooker fans love an outsider popping up what makes the game great

  2. Wise decision, Monique. Here in Belarus it is not a common practice to use such an “industrial” language publicly. Not sure about Great Britan, though, but I find it a bit disturbing to constantly read about “low life”, “shit”, “crap” etc. 😂
    And I would like to tell one thing very briefly. I have been closely following this blog for 3 or 4 years. Unfortunately, my comments here have been very thin on the ground so far as family and children take a lot out of you. But I’ve always felt so much respect and admiration for you, Monique. You’ve certainly been doing a great job as I find your articles and pieces of information very interesting ones. Pity that don’t know you in person….Best wishes.

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