Ronnie’s big announcement

Ronnie was a bit mischievious as he sparked all sorts of speculations about today’s announcement … which proved to be about sponsorship.

Here is the official Press Release:

ROS ROKIT Announcement - 2ROS ROKIT Announcement - 3

And Eurosport take on it…

World Championship 2021 – Ronnie O’Sullivan scares fans with video: ‘I’m not retiring from snooker’

“Everyone can chill out and calm down.” Ronnie O’Sullivan had fans sweating over his future when he made what appeared to be a sudden announcement on social media on Tuesday. Thankfully, the six-time world champion was simply launching a new brand partnership, but he took the opportunity to reassure fans that he is not retiring.

Ronnie O’Sullivan had fans very concerned he was poised to retire on Tuesday as he made an announcement on his Facebook page.

In teeing up the live stream, the 45-year-old was pictured waving to the fans, which appeared to concern many that he may be about to make a significant decision.

However, the six-time world champion was simply confirming his brand partnership with Rokit, and taking a pretty random Q&A to help make it known.

I’m taking retirement from my name,” he explained in the live stream on his Facebook page. “So it’s not Ronnie O’Sullivan, it’s Ronnie the Rocket.

Not snooker, I’m not retiring from snooker, everyone can chill out and calm down. Take it easy. We are still here. Potting some balls.

Asked who he would choose if he was allowed to select any four guests for a dinner party, O’Sullivan was typically unpredictable.

Stephen Fry, Mike Tyson, Eminem and Usain Bolt were his picks, if you want to know, and Eurosport would be very keen to acquire the rights to it.

O’Sullivan was then asked if it was hard being him, given the level of celebrity he has within the sport and beyond.

Only because I over-think things,” he said. “It’s not like Michael Jackson or David Beckham where you can’t go anywhere.

I’m known by the snooker fans, but I don’t have a following that maybe a footballer would have, so it is not that bad. So I’m fine with the life I’ve been dealt.”

Finally, O’Sullivan revealed his biggest goal at the moment was running a sub-three-hour marathon.

It’s not crazy, it’s achievable,” he said. “I’ve just got to find the time to train and recover. It’s a lot of dedication and it is highly unlikely, but it is possible.

Only that Eurosport got it wrong… it’s not Ronnie the Rocket, it’s Ronnie The ROKIT

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  1. Yeah, I kept wondering if he read (or someone reported to him about) all those comments of people getting bent out of shape at the thought of him retiring and writing is obituary. 🙂

  2. Ronnie is also apparently launching his own clothing line soon, and they said something about how his old snooker table that had been at his mother’s house for the past 30+ years will be taken to Sheffield. I think they said it would be put in a new snooker museum there…?

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